Nanatsuiro Drops- by Tamaki Ichikawa


Nanatsuiro Drops came out in 2007, when I was somewhere in middle school. It was an anime where I watched the first episode and then completely forgot about it till now. It was not that the story was bad, but as cute as it seems, the animation style still bothered me too much as a kid. Now that I grew up a little, that does not bother me at all. Its a cute story and the 24th magical girl in our marathon (which is slowly coming to a close).

What is the anime about?


One day, Masaharu, a young student, bumps into a strange figure. A potion of his is accidentally swapped with Masaharu’s soda, and when he drinks it he finds himself transformed into stuffed animal sheep. Each night he becomes the stuffed animal and to be able to return to normal, Masaharu must collect seven stardrops with help from a magical girl partner. He soon discovers that his fated partner is a new classmate, and he cannot give away his identity or else he will be stuck forever (the plot set up sounds dumb the way I explained it, but it is actually really interesting).

Who are the central characters?



Masaharu Tsuwabuki: Masaharu is the main protagonist of the series. He is a glasses wearing male student who has difficulty being social (even going so far as to stop talking to his own friends). He is the one who mistakenly drinks a potion instead of soda and transforms into a stuffed lamb. He is very quiet and easily persuaded.


Sumomo Akihime: Sumomo (pink haired girl in the center) is the magical girl of the series and the love interest of the protagonist. She becomes a Steller Spinner to help Yuki (Aka Masaharu as a lamb) return to his home land. She is supposed to be the cute, sweet, shy girl that cries a lot. But she is not a whiny cry baby, but an emotional person who freaks out about everything and deals with problems by crying. Personally she came off as really annoying (though sometimes cute), and a little weak. Since this a magical girl anime, I bet she resolves this by maturing as she quests for stardrops, but I did not finish the entire story so I am not sure how much she grows.

Nadeshiko Yaeno: Nadeshiko (black haired girl to the right), also known as Nako-chan, is Sumomo’s best friend. She is observant, over protective, violent, and angry (but not to Sumomo). She looks out for her shy, cry baby friend and acts kind of like a sister.

Nona Yuki: Nona (blue haired girl to the left) is a Steller Spinner from the magical world. At first she is a friendly rival to Sumomo, and later they become friends. She starts going to school with them so as to learn the human culture. She is reserved, mature, quiet, and intelligent (but struggles to understand much of the human world).

How is the artwork?

This is super cute and colorful. My only problem are the huge eyes of the girls that look like they are misplaced on their faces, but that seems to be characteristic in older, light novel based anime that depict little girls. Obviously the artists are really striving for young and innocent.

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What makes this awesome?

This anime is a light novel that was aimed more at young male readers, so it does tend to have some soft fanservice (mostly emphasizing the girls’s innocence and child like behavior/personality). I personally do not like that he looks like he is in high school but all the girls look like grade-schoolers, but the fanservice is not enough to be down right annoying. Since this was intended for a male audience, it does have a different perspective on the magical girl anime tropes. This has a unique plot, that could have been taken into deeper levels, and has a male protagonist (not the sole case, but the only one we have mentioned thus far). Most noticeable is the fact that a human classmate becomes the magical creature that accompanies the girl. All in all, it is worth a shot to see if you like it. I personally did not, neither did TheBetterCup, but you may.

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