Twin Princesses of the Wonder Planet- by Shogo Kawamoto


The 23rd magical girl anime will be one that has been floating in my computer for about 5 years. At the end of my eighth grade year, I came across this cute picture of a pink haired girl dancing, and I shit you not that I actually saved this picture and used it on high school projects. I still have the damn picture (I could never bring myself to delete it, even when I bought a new computer). It was a week ago that I finally found out who the hell she was. She is from Twin Princesses of the World Planet, and I am finally able to rest in peace.

What is the anime about?

ppppppppppInside of the Mysterious Star (more like a meteor) there are seven kingdoms: the Sunny Kingdom, the Flame Kingdom, the Moon Kingdom, the Jewelry Kingdom, the Water Drop Kingdom, the Seed Kingdom, and the Windmill Kingdom; however, the Sun’s Blessing, which illuminates the kingdoms and is in the Sunny Kingdom, is dieing and will disappear in a year. Once this happens, everything in the star will be covered in darkness and die as well. The most unprincess princesses in this star, the Twin Princesses, are given power of Prominence by Princess Grace to investigate why the Sun’s Blessing is in decline and save it. Yet, someone steals the power and unleashes an even greater evil.

Who are the central characters?


Sunny Kingdom

So the main protagonists are Twin Princesses, Fine and Rein, of the Sunny Kingdom. They are reckless, refuse to study, and are always running around and tripping on nothing. Because of this they are known as the most unprincess-like princesses in the history of the star, but their flawed characters prove that anyone can be a princess as long as they have caring hearts. Fine is the pink one with pigtails (she looks like her mom, Queen Elsa). She likes sports, is afraid of ghosts, and eats a lot (she reminds me of Sailor Moon). She is also a horrible dancer, but a great sister and cares a lot about others. It is interesting to see the “pink girl” as sporty and scared, which shows that the characters are not as basic as some in other shows. Rein is the blue haired princess (she looks like her father, King Truth), but even though she is the “boy” color I was surprised to see that she did not get the basic role as “pink girl’s tomboy second in command.” She loves fashion and dressing up, choosing to wear elaborate accessories. She is also the boy crazy one, having a huge crush on Prince Bright, the idol of the star. Rein is the brave and adventurous one between the two girls, preferring to run towards the unknown, but she always tries to come up with intelligent and positive solutions. They are both 13 years old.

Poomo (floating fairy above babies in right corner) is the magical creature meant to help the twins. He is kind, loyal, and serious. He also tends to be sassy towards the girls, but he cares a lot for them.

Flame Kingdom

The main characters from the Flame Kingdom are Princess Lione (orange haired girl with white ears) and Prince Tio (little boy with white ears, blonde hair, and red outfit). In the first episode you learn that Lione is scared of dancing in public, and will do anything to get out of it. She gains confidence and learns to smiles more, which is why she got the title of the smile princess. She also supports everything Fine and Reine do, putting a lot of trust in them. She appears to be around the same age as them. Her younger brother Tio spends most of the time trying to protect Rein and Fine, and he idolizes Prince Shade.

Moon Kingdom

Princess Milky (right corner, pink hair, yellow dress, crescent tiara) is 2 years old and travels on floating stars. She speaks entirely with her “babu” talk, yet her brother and Fine can understand her. She also is a glutton, eating everything in her path. Her brother is Prince Shade (15 year old, purple haired prince behind Rein), and he takes the persona Eclipse. Eclipse is cool/calm, but cold and looks a little like Indiana Jones (whip and all). As Prince Shade he acts gentle and kind, but that is just to live up to expectations. He is really smart, doing things practically. At first he is an enemy, but later they work together, and even later he becomes a love interest for Princess Fine.

Jewelry Kingdom

The royal children in this country are Prince Bright (blonde 15 year old prince behind Fine) and Princess Altezza (8 year old blonde princess in front row with big puffy hair). Prince Bright is your gentleman, kind to all the princess, and the super idol of the star. He also adores his sister dearly, is a very talented swordsman, and has a huge crush on Fine. At first he was suspicious of Eclipse, but eventually treats Shade as a brother. He also becomes Rein’s love interest (thank god too, because she was all googly eyed and Fine did not like him like that). His sister Altezza is a talented princess, but at first she seems really selfish and spoiled. In reality she is super kind, but is afraid to show that. She loves jewelry, like Milky or Fine likes eating, and, though she is talented in everything princess-like, she sucks as art. She eventually develops feelings for Auler, Prince of the Windmill Kingdom.

Water Drop Kingdom

There are two children from the Water Drop Kingdom, Princess Mirlo (Top row, all the way to the right, honey colored hair, brown ears, purple eyes, water like crown) and Prince Narlo (right hand corner, baby with blue and white outfit next to Milky). Narlo is 1 years old, and he has a crush on Milky. Mirlo is 10 years old, wants to be an artist, but is afraid to speak up (mostly due to her strict mother). She is very kind, and learns to speak up for what she wants sometimes.

Seed Kingdom

There are 11 identical girls and one boy in this kingdom. What is cute is that the eleven girls have names that match the Japanese numbers: Ichele (ichi), Nina (ni), Saya (san), Shiyon (shi), Gorchel (go), Loloa (roku), Nursya (nana), Harney (hachi), Quarry (kyu), Julia (jue), and Joiner (jue ichi). The Prince’s name is Solo (get it), but because they are secondary characters they don’t have much personality past kind and friendly.

Windmill Kingdom

Prince Auler (blue/greenish haired prince, top row all the way to the left with white and pink floppy ears) is the eldest child from the Windmill Kingdom. We see very little about him, but we learn that he is kind, a joker, romantic, and eventually falls for Altezza. His younger sister, Princess Sophie (to his right and looks somewhat like him), is the innocent character. Even though her rival kingdom is the Jewelry Kingdom, she still likes Altezza a lot. She is the kindest character in this entire show, willing to do anything to help others.

How is the artwork?

This is your cute show like Doremi and Comet. I do want to say, however, that even though it looks simple the show is really smooth and exaggerated with expression and movement. If you pay attention even characters in the background have ridiculous yet appropriate reactions, which shows that the artists pay attention to detail. I also like that this is the first one I have seen where the queen is pretty, but the King is also very handsome (usually he is a short, balding old man).

iiiiii iiiii iiii iiipppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

What makes this awesome?

It is really lighthearted, the twins are hilarious, and I like that this has nothing to do with Earth, but some weird star world, which is different. The fact that the main characters are not like the usual and are unprincess-like tells the viewers that anyone can be a princess, which is a nice message. The show is very topsy turvy in my opinion.


Twin Princess-Fine

The plague of my childhood…


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