Pretear- by Junichi Sato

Shin.Shirayukihime.Densetsu.Pretear.full.1293414I saw this anime a long time ago when it first came out on crunchyroll. At first I was so excited for it, but the first episode was boring and I soon fell out of watching it. The story, though, is definitely unique and the concept new. Himeno and her Leafe Knights are a fresh addition to the magical girl genre, and to be honest this is not a bad anime. Even though I did not love it off the bat, the anime is actually really good mostly if you like romantic comedies full of drama. Oh and a reverse harem.

What is the anime about?

Shin.Shirayukihime.Densetsu.Pretear.full.1294654Himeno, a high school girl, tries to adjust to her new life after her father remarries to a rich woman. She feels out of place struggling to feel like belongs. On her way to school one day, she meets seven young men known as the Leafe Knights. They explain to her that the red snow that began to fall on the city was actually caused by the Princess of Disaster. She plans to absorb all the life energy, called Leafe, from the town (and later the world), and that they need her to become the legendary warrior Pretear and help them defeat her. (Pretear seems to be magical girls who absorb the Leafe knights and use their powers to fight. The Leafe knights are the essences of certain elements, so the Pretear gain elemental powers). She later learns that the Princess of Disaster was a former Pretaer who, through a number of circumstances, fell into anguish that caused her powers to become evil.

Who are the central characters?

HimenoPretearSoundHimeno Awayuki: Himeno is the protagonist and titular character of the anime. She is a sixteen year old girl whose father remarried, after the death of her mother, to a very rich woman. She has a hard time adjusting to her new high class lifestyle and new family (who do not seem to accept her). One day she meets the Leafe Knights who ask her to help them defeat the Princess of Disaster by becoming a Pretear. Her personality is that of the basic magical girl package. She is kind, good hearted, courageous, hard worker, and stubborn, but with a good moral compass.

TakakoLookFenrir the Princess of Disaster: Takako now known as Fenrir was the Pretear before Himeno, who became evil after certain circumstances occurred. Her goal is to suck all the Leafe from the world, there by destroying it. I cannot say much else with out ruining the basis of the plot line. Just know that she is mixed in deep with the driving drama of the story. The reason she became evil also begins to occur to Himeno so that is also a part of the drama. TheBetterCup thinks the situation is pretty dumb and not a good reason to turn evil, but it works for the magical girl genre.

pretear-screenshot-001Leafe Knights: The seven Leafe Knights are the immortal beings who meant to protect Leafe (earth’s energy source) with the help of the Pretear. They each have control over a different element, and when absorbed by Himeno, give her different powers/abilities and weapons. Hayate (the black haired one in the center with a blue outfit) is the Leafe Knight of the wind and gives Himeno a Wind Sword to fight. He is angry and does not get along with her at first. So, obviously he is her love interest. Sasame (the white haired one with white clothing in the bottom right corner) is the Leafe Knight of Sound. He has the ability to make shockwaves out of sound. In the manga he is a flirt, but in the anime he is serious, mature, quiet, and (get this) a great listener. Himeno uses sonic arrows when transformed with him. Go (the red head with red clothing at the end) is the Leafe Knight of Fire who can throw balls of fire. He is the tough, hot-headed one who mostly looks after the younger knights. He gives Himeno the ability to use a fire ax. Kei (dark skinned one with blonde hair at the left) is the Knight of Light. He throws balls of light and gives Himeno the ability to utilize chakrams of light. He is a narcissist in the anime, but in the manga he was direct/straight forward (like Spock!). Mannen (the shorter white haired boy in the middle) is the eldest of the group of kid Knights. He is the knight of Ice who can freeze stuff and gives Himeno the weapon of an ice beam cannon. He is the clever trouble maker of the group who can be spiteful, disobeys, and is really childish at times. Hajime (the short orange haired little boy) is the Leafe Knight of Water. he has the ability to make whips out of water and gives Himeno the use over water flails. He is the second youngest. Lastly there is Shin (blonde boy with the hat) the Leafe Knight of Plants. He creates containment feilds to protect the world from their battles and seals evil demons. He is the youngest and acts like a crybaby child. She never transforms with him in the anime.

How is the artwork?

The anime is from the early 2000s (it came out 2001) so the art is very much like the 90s magical girls. The characters are long legged, with huge eyes, and obviously cute. It is not my favorite (I really appreciate how male characters, who were not all that well drawn in the 90s anime, progressively got better by today’s day), but is acceptable and nostalgic. She gets to change outfits with each of the knights (as she absorbs them) which is cute.

HimenoPretearPrincess05 Pretear Capturas (3) pretear-1-o tumblr_mece3tHUNQ1qa8ihbo1_500 pretear-screenshot-001 pretear-pretear-9121130-720-540 HimenoPretearWater pretear-anime-9891003-720-540 pretear-pretear-8998766-1024-768

What makes this awesome?

Well even though it is not my favorite magical girl, Pretear is a magical girl with a uniqueness. This is the first one where the magical girl gain powers of the elemental nature, the first to have a group of male team members, to absorb said memebers to transform and gain said powers, and the first to use weapons like swords to fight. This is also the first one where the antagonist was a former Pretear whose reason for turning evil is different (cannot ruin it for you, but know that it is full of drama). Pretear has a theme of princesses and fables, like Lilpre, but in its own sort of way. Anyways it is different and enjoyable.

-Blog Barista

I wonder why?

I wonder why?

Check out the episode:


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