Ojamajo Doremi- by Takashi Yamada

33333Today we look at the 21st magical girl anime, Ojamajo Doremi. Now I did not see this one growing up, and I now know it was available in a lot of other countries, but whenever my family would go outside of the States visiting relatives we would always find these guys. I still have all the keychains, earrings, and necklaces we found. It was like our mission to get as many as we came across, so I can honestly say I was very excited and happy to find out years later that they were magical girls.

What is the anime about?

3So the story follows a girl named Doremi Harukaze. At the start of the series, she is just your average third grader, but one day she finds herself in a magical shop called Maho-Do. She ends up guessing that the owner, Majo Rika, is a witch; however, all witches are cursed. If they are discovered by humans they are punished, and in Rika’s case she is turned into a frog. In order to return to her original form she grants Doremi powers appointing her to witch’s apprentice. Doremi has to pass tests and keep her identity a secret, but later on her friends and sister joins her. She makes many more friends along the way, saves her rival, and even raises a baby from the Witch world.

Who are the central characters?

There are a lot of characters in this series, but they are pretty cookie cutter. They are all cute and funny, but expect a lot of drama.


Doremi Harukaze is the titular character of the series, and she is your typical magical girl protagonist. She is energetic, a bad student, clumsy, but compassionate and boy crazy. Her fairy is Dodo, her color is pink, her gem is a bean, her instrument is a piano, and her spell is “pirika pirilala popolina peperuto.”

Next is Doremi’s best friend since kindergarten (and my favorite girl), Hazuki Fujiwara. She is your typical smart girl. She is sweet, shy, and passive. She gets the best grades in the school, and she has a crush on her childhood friend, Masaru Yada. Her fairy is Rere, her color is orange, her gem is a heart, her instrument is the violin, and her spell is “paipai ponpoi puwapuwa puu.”

The third girl also comes in as Doremi’s friend, Aiko Seno (fyi she is my second favorite character, because of how tough she is). She is the tomboy girl, who talks to everyone and even speaks with a Kansai dialect (which is harsher then the standard). Her parents are divorced, but she lives with her father, which is why she knows how to cook and clean. Her fairy is Mimi, her color is blue, her gem is a diamond, her instrument is a harmonica, and her spell is “pameruku raruku laliloli poppun.”

The next girl is Doremi’s witch rival, but later her comrade, Onpu Segawa. She is the apprentice to Majo Ruka, who is not on good terms with Majo Rika, so that is why she did not like Doremi. At first she seems cold, mysterious, and a spoiled brat, but when they become friends you find out she is selfless and kind. She is actually a popular idol loved by boys, and her most emphasized characteristic is her ability to balance school, work, and magic. Her fairy is Roro, her color is purple, her crystal is a teardrop, her instrument is a flute, and her spell is “pururun purun famifami fa.”

Ok next is an American/Japanese transfer student from New York, Momoko Asuka. She originally was the apprentice of Majo Monroe, but Monroe dies (which is sad because Momoko adores Monroe) and Momoko breaks her crystal (for reasons I don’t want to say, because I don’t want to ruin the show for you). Because of this she becomes one more of Rika’s apprentices. At first she speaks no Japanese and communicates through a translator (but don’t worry eventually the other girls teach her). Her fairy is Nini, her color is yellow, her gem is a 3-leaf clover, her instrument is a guitar, and her spell is “perutan pepton paralila pon.”

So that magical baby Doremi and her gang raises is non other then the 6th girl, Hana-chan. She is the Witch Queen Rose’s baby, born from a rose in the Queen’s garden, which only produces a baby every 100 years in order to succeed to the throne. Doremi cares for her and names her Hana Makihatayama, but at one point she transforms into a 6th grader in order to attend school with her “mama.” She is childish, air-headed, excitable, and throws tantrums, but she has a huge heart. Her fairy is Toto, her color is white, her gem is a sphere, her instrument is an accordion, and, though she does not need a spell, she made up her own, which goes “pororin pyuarin hana hana pi.”

12The last girl is Doremi’s younger sister, Pop Harukaze. She is in kindergarten, and accidentally discovers Doremi’s power, so she becomes an apprentice. At first she is a know-it, jealous, and pretty annoying, but she really loves her sister dearly and acts really mature and much more responsible compared to Doremi. Her fairy is Fafa, her color is red, her crystal is a 4-leaf clover, her instrument is a trumpet, and her spell is “pipito purito puritan peperuto.”

13The last person I will talk about is Majo Rika, because she is like their magical creature that teaches them how to use their magic. She is short tempered, and she calls her apprentices the Bothersome Witches (aka Ojamajo, which is clever because this backwards is also Ojamajo). In reality, however, she really loves the girls like her own children.

How is the artwork?

Big eyed, long legs, colorful hair. Yup, this is your generic cute magical girl, though the hair styles are more realistic. I like the style, and I like how many costumes the girls get. Hell, I especially like the fact that they are witches and use spells (not just you know the wand-waving girls who have fairy/alien/some-world-that-are-not-made-up-of-witches type magic). They really remind me of the Cosmic Baton Girl Princess Comet.

1 4 5 6 33 333 333310 9  7 2Doremi 2Doremi

What makes this awesome?

Even though this is just another cute anime, which lacks depth, I like the fact that you can relate to at least one of these girls. I also enjoy the running gags. There is nothing really special to distinguish this magical girl series, but its a nice stepping stone. Personally, I enjoyed it.


When I found out that Doremi has a new sequel, Ojamajo Doremi 16.

When I found out that Doremi has a new sequel, Ojamajo Doremi 16.

Here is episode 1:

For the life of me I cannot find episode 1, subbed or dubbed, that is good, which is really annoying. If anyone finds one tell me, but I can give you this for now (I’m sorry its in English).

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