Cosmic Baton Girl Princess Comet- by Akira Okeya

6Day 20 of this Magic Girl Marathon brings us to the very carefree plot of a magical princess’s journey on Earth, Cosmic Baton Girl Princess Comet. When the BlogBarista and I first saw this anime we actually really liked how casual the plot is and how cute it is, but six episodes in and one realizes how cliched and repetitive it can get. Even the main goal of Comet’s journey is forgotten two to three episodes in. The anime is still cute and enjoyable, but I cannot recommend watching to many episodes in a row (otherwise you’ll die of boredom).

-What is this cartoon about?

2So in this universe there is the Triangle Nebula, three major star worlds (I am not sure what is the purpose of these worlds, but in the Harmonica Star world the little star worlds are born and tended). The three worlds are the Harmonica Star world, the Castanet Star world, and the Tambourine Star world, and a ball is held for the future rulers in order for the Tambourine Prince to pick his bride between the Castanet Princess, Meteor, or the Harmonica Princess, Comet; however, the Prince has ran away to Earth. To win his heart Comet is sent to find him (Meteor joins later on). She has no clue what he looks like, but her only clue is that she can find him “by the twinkling in his eyes.” Comet quickly comes to love Earth and its people, and we follow her little adventures as she looks for the prince.

-Who are the central characters?

1Comet is the 12 year old protagonist of this anime. She is the princess of the Harmonica Star world, though she doesn’t act like it. She would much rather watch the little star world creatures or have adventures then worry about marrying the prince. Even her decision to go to Earth was based on the fact that her mother told her wonderful stories about her time on Earth (It’s not like she actually wanted to look for the prince). Aside from the fact that Comet is full of curiosity, her personality is a little 2D. She has a gentle nature, which means it is easy for her to make friends. She cares deeply for others, and thus enjoys helping others. Compared to other magical girls she is pretty mature, but she learns a lot about life and others through the anime. She also has a hard time realizing other people’s feelings, especially those involving boys and love.

11Meteor is the opposite of Comet. She holds grudges, has princess hissy fits, and is loud, selfish, spoiled, and rude. When Meteor first learns that Comet went to Earth to find the prince, her goal becomes finding the prince in order to ensure that Comet doesn’t marry him (she really dislikes Comet), but nothing goes her way since she is lazy. She always follows Comet in hopes that she can swoop in at just the right moment, she uses magic to make these rich people like her, and she mistreats her magical companion. Though I seem harsh in decribing her character, there are times were she is generous and actually tries to be kind; however, they are rare.

17Rubba Ball, Comet magical creature and friend, is a little star world creature helping Comet on Earth. He was sent by Comet’s “Jii-san” (this word means Grandfather; however, I am not sure if he is actually her Grandfather or if he is just an older gentleman). Most of the time he seems like he is daydreaming, not realizing some things around him, but he constantly nags Comet to stay on task (though he cares deeply for Comet, he can be stern). He inflates into a giant ball (hence the name), and can detect twinkles with his tail (which is why he was sent with Comet). I think he is a cute character, and he kind of reminds me of Hippo from Mermaid Melody. He even falls in love.

20Mook, a star-eyed bird, is Meteor’s companion. He is always pushed around by Meteor, and is seen as her servant. Mook is pretty sassy and even makes sly comments here and there, but he is very loyal to Meteor. Without Mook, Meteor would probably get nothing done, because he is more of a voice of reason when she is blinded by jealousy or arrogance.

famFujiyoshi family is the eccentric family that takes Comet into their home when the find her in trouble. There are twins Nene and Tsuyoshi Fujiyoshi, and their parents Sayaka and Keitaro. Nene and Tsuyoshi are identical fraternal twins (they look a like, but because they are boy and girl they are not identical in genes) in pre-school. The father runs the house like a kingdom, and the mother is kind and sells weird things that are full of love.

keiKeisuke works for Keitaro, and wants to be a life guard (because of this strong desire he has a twinkle in his eye). At first he seems cold, but later he starts to show that he is dedicated and actually a very warm person. He maybe a love interest of Comet’s.

-How is the Artwork?

This is a cute show. Nothing fancy, simple art, and reminds me of Doremi. I enjoy looking at it, but it is not enough to get over the plot.12 8 9 10 7 5 4

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The show is cute, but cliched and boring after a while. It is interesting because most Princess based magical girls actually want to become queen, but Comet is more focused on living life her way. I like her character, but she reminds me of the 80’s magical girl protagonists.


Jiggle Jiggle

Jiggle Jiggle



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