Princess Tutu- by Mizuo Shinonome

tumblr_static_ahiru_arima_render__by_xxsweetlemonadexx-d5o5rr5Even though we have reached the day when Sailor Moon Crystal was released, TheBetterCup and I still wish to continue the Magical Girl Marathon. So today, I am super excited to talk about Princess Tutu. This is one of my favorite magical girls. I did not include her in my Top 5 Maho Shojo only because I was not sure if she counted, but now that I checked, she is definitely a magical girl and she is my fifth favorite one. This show is truly unique, but its originality is emphasized by the amazing plot and fantastic characters.

For a magical girl, you do not see a story that deters this much from the basic outline. Princess Tutu takes place in a fantasy world were magic seems to be a normalcy, and talking animals tend to mix with humans naturally. This is full of magical realism that makes the entire story feel like a story book. I saw Princess Tutu when I was in middle school, about the same time I saw Tokyo Mew Mew, and they were nothing alike (which is why I was not sure she counted as a magical girl). The story was just so different, that she missed many of the formalities that made a magical genre. But looking back now, this a magical girl story. It focuses on an average young girl who is given the abilities to transform into a stronger version of herself (one that exists within her) and fights in the name of goodness, love, justice, friendship, and respect.

-What is this cartoon about?

tumblr_miuzkxrkKE1r7r23oo4_400The story is super interesting and full of drama that makes this heart wrenching and beautiful. It is refreshingly creative while having darker themes included. The entire story is based on story books with an additional ballet theme. The anime opens with an old storyteller that dies before creating an ending to his final story. Then the main story opens. It focuses on a little duck named Ahiru who is given a magical necklace that allows her to change into a young girl and into a magical girl named Princess Tutu. Her goal is to collect the missing shards of a young prince’s heart. Yet, there is an evil puppet master that attempts to control the entire story and Ahiru’s fate.

-Who are the central characters?

Ahiru6ahiru en piedDuck/Ahiru Arima: Duck is the protagoinist and titular character of Princess Tutu. She is a normal little duck that falls in love with a lonely prince. Her wish to make him happy is granted, when a strange man named Dosselmeyer gives her a pendant that allows her to transform into a 13 year old girl named Ahiru. With this ability she is also able to become Princess Tutu, a magical girl that collects shards of the prince’s heart. Of course she cannot stay human if she quacks or touches water, and she vanishes if she proclaims her love to the prince. Duck’s personality matches well with the fact that she is a duck. She is awkward. Ahiru tends to be very easily excited, talks very much, clumsy, uncollected, scatterbrained, and nervous. Yet she also holds the qualities of any magical girl like kindness, friendliness, and good moral strength.

njsFakir: Fakir goes to the same ballet school as Ahiru. He is 17 teen years old and Mytho’s roommate. He has a major role in the story (sorry I cannot tell with out ruining the awesome plot, but trust me you will love him). Anyways he is the knight that protects the prince by sacrificing his life for him. At first, he is mean and cold toward Ahiru. He acts rude, being very brash and straightforward to her with no concern for her feelings, and acting possessive of Mytho. At first he even tends to be a little afraid of what may happen. After they learn to work together, he opens up to her. He is a possible love interest for Ahiru.

rueRue/Princess Kraehe: Rue is a very talented and advanced ballet dancer in Ahiru’s school. Rue has a very sad story and dark past that is revealed throughout the anime.  With out ruining the plot, I will tell you only that Rue is the Raven in the story (kind of). She is very attached to Mythos, wishing to make him her prince, and she is able to change like Ahiru into Princess Kraehe. Rue is distant and snobbish. She does not make anyfriends (she only keeps her goal in focus) but can be kind and good hearted at times. As Kraehe, she is completely different. Kraehe is manipulative, and dark person. She acts with pride, cruelty, and jealousy.

vlcsnap-51468Mytho: Mytho is the 16 year old prince of the story. His entire heart is shattered and with out the missing parts causes him to be emotionless. He is one of the main reasons behind each of the other characters’s actions. Even though he is so central, he does not seem to be the most prominent character in the anime. He is Ahiru’s main love interest, and her reason for being able to become human. Mytho is unemotional and easily ordered around.

rv1NOVaDosselmeyer: Dosselmeyer is an old man that grants to Ahiru the magical pendant that allows her to transform from a duck into a girl and into Princess Tutu. He has a huge role in the plot, acting mainly as an antagonist (but in what way I will not tell). As the writer who created the story of the prince and the raven, he tries to control the characters so as to end the story as he wishes. At first, he seems to be trying to help Duck, but it is quickly revealed that his motives are not what they seem. He is sadistic, selfish, and cruel. His goal is to have an entertaining story no matter what the cost to the characters. He is actually really twisted and scary, as far as magical girl antagonist go, he is very dark maybe second to Kyubey.

-How is the Artwork?

The artwork is simple, but super cute. It does not have anything particularly amazing, and yet it is not necessarily average either. The magic and colors tend parallel its darker themes since they are more grey, dull, and not bright or exciting.

tumblr_static_tumblr_lrgvh3arlx1qbiop5o1_500 Tumblr_mf7bsttK621qex4r5o1_r1_500 tumblr_mdcwp52cld1rx198ytumblr_m7f1gzciWt1qbvpv0 princess-tutu-fakir-o mdk;fPT 1princess-tutu-swan-lake-oprincess-tutu-o (1)princess-tutu-ballet-oPT c11a5f9469309952762eca10f7c03829 Princess_tutu_Gif 2184101774_d81c096cac 4582_a672

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The idea is extremely different and unique. The entire plot is bizarre and full of drama that will eat at your heart. The entire thing is beautiful and artistic as well. I personally loved it, and the story is well worth it all.

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