Sailor Moon Crystal- by Naoko Taeuchi

12And finally the day has come that the new revamped Sailor Moon has been released on Crunchyroll. The excitement has been built up since last year with the release being changed multiple times, but it has finally been released. Now let me start by stating (I have already said this before but let me do it again) my love for Sailor Moon. I grew up with this show. It is the gateway anime that has led me to enjoy so much great (and horrible) anime which I enjoy. Sailor Moon is what represents my childhood if I had to pick one character to symbolize it for me. I loved the cartoon and still do, heck my student ID hangs off an awesome pink sailor senshi lanyard. And the two things that best contain my fond memories was the awesome opening and the beautiful transformation sequences. TheBetterCup and I loved it so much, but I do have some mixed opinions that I feel I should share.



So let me start off with the story. The plot line is the same as the original and the first episode follows the same exact events as the first episode of the 1990’s version. It was nice to see that the story will be about the same. The only difference is, and since only one episode has been released so far I cannot guarantee this, that the story of the Sailor Moon Crystal will follow more closely to the original Manga plot line.

If you are unfamiliar with Sailor Moon, you maybe one of the younger generation who missed out on this, then let me give you a small synopsis. Sailor Moon focuses on the story of fourteen year old Usagi Tsukino.  As she realizes her true identity as Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon, she battles alien monsters attempting to take over the universe.



The characters, just like the story, are exactly as they were in the original. Sadly, the first episode only introduces Usagi, Luna, and Mamoru. Their voices maybe different, but their relationships remain intact. The only big difference at this point that I feel may be present in more than just episode one, is that Luna does not seem to be as naggy as she was in the original. Usagi is just as much of a crybaby and klutz as was her original lovable self.



Now it is very obvious that the animation has changed drastically. The art is so smooth and so beautiful. That is not to say that the original version is not, but the new one does come with all the advances of the time. It is gorgeous. The art though still retains the same style of the original with elongated limbs and a specific characteristic in the way the faces are drawn. Also all the characters keep true to their original designs, so no worries, you will know who they are when you see them.


So now we must compare the two together. That is the only way to know if this will be better or worse.

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I have few negative things to say. I really, really loved this, and yet…. One the anime is missing all of Usagi’s exaggerated expressions, which is a shame cause they were hilarious. There was one thing that really startled me and drowned me in disappointment. The original transformation was so beautiful and is the epitome of my childhood. And in this new version, the transformation was in a CGI animation. It was so startling and saddening and just…. ugly. Her limbs reminded me of One Piece, and it all lost the magic that it had. It looked really fake, out of place, and just bad. Worst of all its longer then the original. I feel like it is just a waste of time, and she could have gone with out any transformation and it would have been better. But you know what, I could get used to it.


For the most part I loved it! I am so happy that it was remade, and it turned out great. But of course the original will always be better for me, mostly because this will always be, to me, one of my favorite childhood memories. Anyways, we plan on continuing the marathon a little longer. There are so many more Magical Girls to go!

-Blog Barista



First Episode of Crystal:

First Episode of Original:

Transformation Comparison:

Opening of the 1990’s Version:


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