Pretty Cure- by Izumi Todo


Before, I never bothered with Precure. It’s not that I hated the shows for no reason; it’s just that I wasn’t interested. Now that I have seen them, I do respect them a lot more. If this showed in the states when I was in elementary school I would have loved these shows. They would have been my favorites with Pokemon and Yugioh. I would have collected the cards, toys, plushies, anything. They teach girls to be cute and badass and to accept themselves. Now, I can’t really appreciate the shows, because they aren’t heavy with plot and character development. They are full of clichés, and I think I would only watch most of these if I had nothing else to do (like no internet, no books, no nothing- but-this type thing). -TheBetterCup

I have seen and been a part of the Magical Girl fandom to know what PreCure is. We watched all of them in one night, and let me tell you, I found it pretty hard to enjoy all of them. But let me throw this out there: I LOVED HAPPINESS CHARGE. I have heard the negativity and though a PreCure will never be in my top ten for magical girls, I at least found this one cute and fun. EVERY THING SAID HERE IS BASED SOLELY ON OUR OPINIONS. WE MEAN NO DISRESPECT. I STILL SUGGEST WATCHING AT LEAST THE FIRST EPISODES OF ALL THE SERIES SO AS TO DECIDE ON YOUR OWN IF YOU WILL LIKE THEM. -Blog Barista

1. Futari wa Pretty Cure
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dFutari wa Pretty Cure is the first series in the metaseries known as Pretty Cure. The first of two protagonists is Nagisa Misumi (eighth grader). She is athletic, strong-hearted, lazy, and loved by all the girls. Her partner is Honoka Yukishiro, a bookish, quiet girl in her class loved by all the boys. The two normally would have never been friends, but one day Nagisa makes a wish on a shooting star, which turns out to be Mepple, a refugee fairy running from the Dusk Zone organization. She is lead to an amusement park where she meets up with Honoka and Mepple’s love, Mipple. They fight as Cure Black and Cure White: Emissaries of Light, Pretty Cure.

I really liked this Precure compared to some of the later ones (compared to other Magical Girl shows; however, it’s not much). The characters are basic for a magic girl story. The sporty one versus the book worm leaves no in-betweens for their personalities. Not to mention that one is boy crazy and the other a klutz (I would like to see girls with diverse personalities not just clichés). The fighting is very physical with only a magical final blow attack. Both the girls have super-strength and agility,
which makes the fight scenes more like Dragonball Z then Wedding Peach. Even their magic based attacks have to be done together (no solos), which emphasizes the Yin-Yang theme. The plot is basic (they try to save the magical Garden of Light), the r1mop2transformations are cool, but still basic (they stand still as their outfits poof on), the art is cute (but it’s not that unique), and the villains remind me of Sailor Moon mixed with Kiss (I laughed so hard. His name was Pissard). All in all this is a bland cartoon full of clichés. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. -TheBetterCup

Since it is the first PreCure, it is actually really good. Though cliche, it feels acceptable since it is older. Also the story is original at this point, and who does not love the idea of hand to hand combat for girls. -Blog Barista

2. Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dTwo girls, age nine, met while following balls of light to the Sky Tree, a large tree in the forest near their town. Five years later the two girls meet again to become Cure Bloom, Cure Egret, Cure Bright, and Cure Windy in order to protect the Fountain of Sun. The two balls reveal themselves as spirits Flappy and Choppy (from the Land of Fountains), and the villains are the Dark Fall organization looking for the Fountain of Sun (the last of the seven fountains that feed the World Tree, which is the source of life). The two girls are Saki Hyuuga and Mai Mishou. Saki is the optimistic, athletic girl (unlike Nagisa she is a softball player not lacrosse). She is bad at school, large appetite, childish, and easygoing. With Choppy she becomes Cure Bloom, but with Muupu she becomes Cure Bright. Mai is quiet, studious, gentle, and innocent. Like Honoka she is into science, also loves art. With Choppy she becomes Cure Windy, but with Fuupu she becomes Cure Egret. This time the theme is nature. This is Futari wa Pretty Cure all over again. The two characters look the same as the original Precure, the plot is almost identical, and even the outfits seem the same. I was disappointed after watching the first one to see that the second one is not unique in comparison. The fighting was basic, but not as good as the first Precure. The plot was 1jpgclichéd, the transformations were basic, the art wasn’t even as cute as the first Precure and the protagonists were a disappointment. My opinion is, that if you want to watch Precure, don’t watch Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star right after Futari wa Pretty Cure (way too similar). -TheBetterCup

I was just out right disappointed. The story was so similar, and they looked just like the last girls. Worst of all the villains looked like they escaped from from a Dragon Ball Z. -Blog Barista

3. Yes! Precure 5
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dOne day Nozomi Yumehara bumps into this (obviously older) guy. She instantly falls head over heels for him, so much so that when she sees him at her school she follows him. This is a good thing though, because he turns out to be the prince of the Palmier Kingdom, Coco (he is a fluffy squirrel like creature that transforms into a human). Nozomi was struggling because she felt she had no passion/dream, but with Coco she decides to help restore Palmier against the Nightmare organization by completing the Dream Collet (the book) and finding the 55 Pinkies (with these you can get one wish). She transforms due to her pure heart into Cure Dream. She then assembles her own team (Cure Rough, Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint, and Cure Aqua). Nozomi Yumehara (Cure Dream) is the main protagonist. A second year student who has no idea what to do with her life, she is clumsy, carefree, talentless, cheerful, and optimistic. Rin Natsuki (Cure Rouge) is Nozomi’s tomboy, athletic friend. She loves boys, is scared of ghosts, is straight-forward, and down to earth. Her dream is to design jewelry. Urara Kasugano (Cure Lemonade) is the youngest member (a first year). She is half French, dreams to be an actress, and is very mature. Next is Komachi Akimoto (Cure Mint). She is a third year, shy, kind, and a bookworm. Her dream is to become a writer, and she falls in love with Nuts (Coco’s brother who is trapped in the book). Her best friend is Karen Minazuki (Cure Aqua). She is wealthy, popular, but very lonely. She is seen as “cool,” and later Nozomi sees that she is the most trustworthy. Karen develops a bond with Milk a magical rabbit (the next chancellor). She transforms into a Precure warrior named Milk Rose when she gains a human form.
Precure 6Personally, this Precure was better than the Splash Star, but the fighting, plot, transformation, art, and characters were basic. I hated the villains (that bug guy was ridiculous and I prefer the Dragonball Z characters from Splash Star), but I do love the Dream Theme in this one. I also liked that though this was full of clichés, this was the first one where the girls fall in love with their magical creatures (that is unique). It also helps that the characters and plot don’t repeat like the Splash Star. -TheBetterCup

I outright hated this one. I found the characters and the plot bland. But I ADORED the background art so… yeah. -Blog Barista

4. Fresh Pretty Cure
The main protagonist is 14 year old Love Momozono (oh god, her name -_-). One day, while at a Trinity concert, members of the Labyrinth Kingdom ruin the show in order to collect “unhappiness.” Love saves the leader of Trinity, and one of the missing Keys gives her the power to become Cure Peach, protector of the world. Her friends join her as Cure warriors and in a dance competition. She is determined to become a dancer and cares more about others than herself. She is hyper, sympathetic, hates sports and studying, and forms the dance group Clover. Miki Aono is one of Love’s best friends. She likes sports, but wants to be a fashion model. She is Cure Berry. The next Cure and member of Clover is Love’s and Miki’s friend Inori Yamabuki. She is an animal lover and wants to be a vet. She is calm, quiet, and has a low self-esteem. She is Cure Pine. Lastly, Eas (also known as Setsuna Higashi) was a former Labyrinth solider, but dies and is reborn as Cure Passion. Their theme is fruits and clovers.
tumblr_m6x4f4L16l1rwgxwjo1_500I like this one more then Yes! Precure and Splash Star Precure, but its tied with the original Precure. The fighting is pretty cool, but I love that they are like superheroes. People actually see them fight and save the world, so it reminds me of Superman more than Sailor Moon. The plot is basic (but the dancing part just adds a little something), the transformations are basic, the art is basic, but cute, and the characters are basic (seriously, they each fit a mold). The villains are better than the previous Precures though. -TheBetterCup

I found the story for this one to be more enjoyable. It has hand to hand combat, and I like the characters. It is not great or anything, and the theme is kind of lame. Yet, I could recommend this to some one who is willing to try. -Blog Barista

5. Heartcatch Precure
The great Heart Tree watches over the Heart Flowers of every person. Pretty Cure warriors defend the tree against the Desert Apostles (another evil orginazation). When Cure Moonlight (current Precure) is defeated, she sends two fairies (Shypre and Coffret) to recruit Precures. Tsubomi Hanasaki, the new girl, is given the power to become Cure Blossom. Her new friend, Erika Kurumi, joins as Cure Marine. The two fight Desertarian (monsters of the Desert Apostles, which are created from stolen Heart Flowers). Each time they defeat these monsters, they gain Heart Seeds, which revive the tree. Tsubomi Hanasakin (Cure Blossom) is 14 years old, loves plants, and is very shy, which is why she wishes to change herself (she wants to speak up for herself more). Erika Kurumi (Cure Marine) is 13 years old, loves fashion, is energetic, and bluntly says whatever is in her head without thinking about the consequences (she wants to change this about herself). Itsuki Myoudouin (Cure Sunshine) is the student council president and grandkid of the principle. At first Itsuki looks like a gentle, athletic prince, but you later find out he’s actually a she cross-dressing, because she is the heir to her family’s business. She really loves cute things. Lastly is Yuri Tsukikage (Cure Moonlight). Her creature was destroyed when she was defeated, so at first she can’t transform; however, when all of the seeds are collected she can transform again. She is 17 years old. Their theme is flowers.

PreCure1I actually like this one. The art is really simple, but smooth and cute. It is very different compared to the others, and I liked the characters (though they are still a little bland). The fight scenes are a little more detailed, the plot and transformations are a little more unique (they spray perfume bottles to transform), and the villains, though similar to the other Pretty Cures, actually fight sometimes and are really cute (neither Sailor Moon/ Kiss hybrids, nor resembling Dragonball Z). Thus, all together it might be my favorite. -TheBetterCup

tumblr_n4k23fW6D91s024xzo1_250I loved this one. The story is fun and different (at least as far as PreCures go). The characters are not all super mary jane, and they are super likable (at least for me). Most of all, I love the animation style for the fight scenes which are bad ass and I adore how cute the art is. The simple background is just a plus for me. I also find this to be a favorite. -Blog Barista

6. Suite Precure
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dIn this Precure the Melody of Happiness, from the Major Land, is played to give happiness to the world. Mephisto, a villain from the Minor Land, steals the Legendary Score so that he can change it into the Melody of Sorrow and spread sadness. The queen of Major Land, Aphrodite, scatters the Notes of the score on Earth, and sends Hummy, a cat-like fairy, in order to recover them. Hummy meets two girls, who don’t see eye to eye but have a bond through music, and they become Pretty Cure warriors in search of the notes before the Minor Villains recover them. The first girl is Hibiki Hojo, a 14 year old with an optimistic personality who excels in sports (what’s not surprising is that she dislikes studying). She is Cure Melody. The next girl is Kanade Minamino. She is in the same class as Hibiki, and she is her childhood friend. She is an excellent student and is also extremely popular. She dreams of being a pastry chef and is in love with the school’s “prince of music,” Ouji (his name even means prince). She is Cure Rhythm. Later on in the show the female cat/fairy, Seiren, who assists Mephisto becomes a Pretty Cure. She was Hummy’s friend, but is jealous when he is given the role of singing the Melody of Happiness, so she becomes evil. When Hummy is in danger, however, she tries to save him, but breaks her necklace, which traps her in her human form. She is Cure Beat. The last warrior is Ako Shirabe, a 9 year old girl who is very mature, but also cold. She often assisted the Cures as a masked fighter, but later she becomes Cure Muse. The theme is of this Precure series is Music.

tumblr_lle77jZSsj1qf9wd7o1_400This was the first Precure I had ever seen. I really did not like it. The plot was uninteresting, the characters bland, and the villains were really stupid (seriously, the Minor Trio). The art is cute, though, and it has some unique aspects. It is a new twist to have a former villain and mascot become a Precure, and it is also has the youngest Precure. -TheBetterCup

This was the first one I saw, and though unique in plot compared to the others, I just could not like it. Maybe as a kid this would have been great, but I just did not enjoy the theme. But I would like to say that the twist in the villain’s relationship with the Queen was fantastic. And the outfits are awesome. -Blog Barista

7. Smile Precure
42803ad4ab378a5903ee23c4a0ca250dMarchenland, home of fairytale creatures, is attacked by Pierrot, the emperor of the Bad End Kingdom. He steals the Cure Decors and plans to irect the world to bad endings. The queen of Marchenland is Royale, who seals Pierrot way. His minions, Joker, Wolfrun, Akaoni, and Majorina, seek to revive him by getting Bad Energy from the people of Earth. Royale sends five Cure Decors and a fairy named Candy to find the Precure warriors. Candy first meets Miyuki Hoshizora, the new girl in town, and gives her the power to become Cure Happy. Like most of the protagonists in Precure, Miyuki is cheerful, but a klutz, and as Cure Happy her powers are Super Leaps and the manipulation of light. Later her classmate, a volleyball player, joins as a Pretty Cure. Her name is Akane Hino, and jokes around a lot. She is Cure Sunny, and her powers are super strength and the manipulation of Fire. The next cure is Yayoi Kise. She is timid, prone to crying, but very headstrong and diligent. She dreams of being a manga artist and loves superheroes. She is Cure Peace and can manipulate electricity. The fourth Precure is Nao Midorikawa, and she also is Myuki’s classmate. She is straightforward, confident, and reliable, though if it doesn’t go her way she gets angry. Janken-HNNGShe is, however, scared of bugs, ghosts, and heights. As Cure March she manipulates wind and has super-speed. The last cure is Reika Aoki. She is Nao’s childhood friend, and she is the serious, elegant, and kind, though she is scary when she loses her patience. She is Cure Beauty and her powers are ice manipulation and enhanced reflexes. The theme is fairytales.
This one was interesting, but just as clichéd as the past ones. There is nothing unique in this one, but I think it’s one of the cutest. To me it’s pretty much the same as the previous Precures. -TheBetterCup

This is definitely one of the better drawn magical girls. But plot and characters are bland. -Blog Barista

5b979d0d7b44a230a9907081d52f2e0c8. DokiDoki! Precure
Princess Marie Ange rules over the Trump Kingdom, the land where all hearts live happily. One day, Jikochu, an evil organization, attacks the kingdom. Cure Sword is then sent to the human world to find the missing princess and three other cures. One of the fairies who went with Cure sword finds Mana Aida, a bright, energetic student council president (14 years old). She will help anyone without thinking about the consequences, and she possesses leadership capabilities. She becomes Cure Heart and purifies enemies. The student council clerk and friend of Mana, Rikka Hishikawa, also becomes a cure. She is always looking out for Mana to make sure she doesn’t do anything crazy. She becomes Cure Diamond, and she can freeze people with ice. The next cure is Alice Yotsuba, Mana and Rikka’s childhood friend. She is rich, polite, and caring, but unkowningly flaunts her wealth at times. She even knows martial arts, but fears her strength. She is Cure Rosetta, and she has the ability to create protective barriers. Makoto Kenzaki, or Cure Sword the royal guard, is responsible and loyal to the princess. She becomes an idol in hopes that she may find her. Her attacks are mostly slicing with her sword. The last cure is Aguri Madoka, or Cure Ace. She is a mysterious fourth grader who helps them, which sounds like Cure Muse from Suite Precure. She is calm, wise, quiet, but stern. She is a cure before the escape of the princess, and she is unique because when she transforms she becomes an adult (like the 80’s Magic Girls). Cure Ace also has a unique weapon, a lipstick that determines her powers. The color of her lips will state what power she possesses in battle. The theme for this Precure is playing cards.
Doki-Doki-precure-pretty-cure-35397577-500-280This series was one of my least favorite, but mostly because of the protagonist. I felt she was too perfect, and I could not relate to her. Not that I could relate to the other (more clumsy or athletic) protagonists. I just didn’t relate to any of the characters. Not to mention that this was the same basic plot as all the other Precures, so I wasn’t as interested in what magical land they had to protect against X evil organization. -TheBetterCup

Not only do I find the characters boring, but their designs are a little extravagant (unrealistic). The combination is unsatisfying. Even if its not the best one, it is so cute you cannot help but wanna watch it. -Blog Barista

9. HappinessCharge Precure
27599e227c5d74931c424f6c3e488406Earth is being invaded by Queen Mirage of the Phantom Empire and her army of Choiarks and Saiarks, All over the world, Precure warriors are fighting, even the princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, Hime Shirayuki; however, because she always runs in fear she recruits a partner. A 14 year old girl named Megumi Aino is chosen to fight as Cure Lovely. She is happy-go-lucky and always tries to help others, even though it never works out (kind of like Love from Fresh Precure). Her wish is to cure her sick mother, and she has an interest in fashion. The princess, Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky, is shy, spoiled, and rather selfish. Actually, she was the one who accidentally released the Phantom Empire. Her wish is to save her kingdom and atone for her mistake. Even though she is Cure Princess Pretty Cure warrior, she is a scaredy-cat. Megumi’s classmate and best friend, Yuko Omori, becomes Cure Honey. She loves to cook, and reveals that she was a cure prior to the start of the series. The last cure is Iona Hikawa as Cure Fortune. She is the cool character, great academically, very determined, and wishes to be strong so she can defeat her rival Phantom. She has a strong sense of justice and wants to save her sister, Maria/Cure Tender, who Phantom trapped in a mirror. For this series the themes are fashion and dancing.

Precure 5This last one I actually liked, a lot. I thought that the clichés weren’t so bad, since the show kind of makes fun of some aspects. The characters are cute and flawed, and the art is great. I like that people go on with their everyday lives even though they now there is some magical war going on, and I like that Megumi idolized Precure warriors before becoming one. It’s like comic book superheroes. I would definitely watch this one. -TheBetterCup

dd8201abfbedc43cb3b6132c95bcce75 (1)I liked this one. It was not that this was a thousand times different in any way. It is just as basic and has characters that are are not really super deep or anything. It is just that this one was funny, cute, and kept my attention. Also the fact that the characters are a different set of basic magical girl personalities is good enough for me to enjoy. -Blog Barista

Blog Barista: For the most part, I had fun. I enjoyed seeing all of these magical girls, and it was nice to see a variation in themes. The anime style is cute which is always great, and I love all the badass, bombastic, female fighters.

I definitely loved the idea of the All Stars Movie having so many characters meet. And so well drawn too!

I definitely loved the idea of the All Stars Movie having so many characters meet. And so well drawn too!



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