Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch- by Michiko Yokote


For today’s show in the Magical Girl Marathon, I present to you Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (also known as just Mermaid Melody). I actually have seen this a few years back, and I was not a big fan. Even though TheBetterCup and I did not particularly like this (we don’t hate it though), It can still be a fun anime to watch, especially is you were a magical girl fan or a little girl. The plot is extra dramatic to a level of ridiculousness that none other have yet to reach on this marathon.

What is the story about?

Mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean, Lucia, gains her land legs when she travels on to land in search of her lost pearl. Finding that it is still in the possession of the boy she left it with, she is able to transform into a singing idol magical girl. On the way, she tries to get the boy she loves into figuring out who she is, recruits mermaid princess friends to join forces, and fights off terrible water demons who are trying to invade the sea world.

Who are the central characters?

There is a colorful cast of characters. Literally all colors of the rainbow, and everyone of them are cookie cutter or Mary Jane.

934736201Lucia Nanami: Lucia is the protagonist of the series. She is the mermaid with a pink tail and blonde hair. She is the princess of the North Pacific Ocean who goes on land to search for the boy who she gave her pearl to. She is simple, naive, and clumsy, but as always she has a strong will and good morals who never gives up hope that all makes her a basic magical heroine.

Hanon Hosho: Hanon is the blue mermaid and princess of the South Atlantic. She is the super girly girl character who loves fashion and talks a lot about boys. She is also very perky and lazy when it comes to house work.

Rina Toin: Rina is the green mermaid and princess of the North Atlantic Ocean. She is the exact opposite of Hanon. She is beautiful but bitter and also wears the boys uniform. As always, there always has to have that one team member (look at Wedding Peach) that is angry, bent on revenge, and unfriendly who later becomes mature and kind. That is Rina to a T.

Kaito Domoto: Of course the main character needs to have a love interest. In this case, Lucia has Kaito. He is a surfer who she saved from a tsunami as a child. He is so far involved in the plot it gets really ridiculous. He does not
know that Lucia is the mermaid that saved him so for much of the first season he battles with his love for her human form and her mermaid form.

Hippo is Lucia’s furry guide that accompanies her while she looks for her pearl. He speaks formally and looks like a penguin. His real form is called Hippocampus (which is a dumb name personally). Anyways, he does have his own little love story which is so adorable. Its a first for magical creatures, and I loved it. He also has a cute human form, and I cannot emphasize enough how adorable it is.

How is the Artwork?

The style is simple and basic. The eyes are giant, and I do not really find it all that cute. At least it is colorful and quite energetic.

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What makes it awesome?

Now I feel really bad, but I am just not a fan of Mermaid Melody. Nonetheless, I can still point out the qualities of the cartoon. It has a drama filled plot, which if you like, will keep you at the edge of your seat “what can possibly happen next.” Also, it is super original. It is the first magical girl on this list to be mermaid themed, and the first to be idol-fighter themed! If you really wanna get to know what makes up this genre, you might as well give this a chance.

-Blog Barista

Sorry for being so negative!!

Sorry for being so negative!!


Check it out here:


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