Legend of the Angel of Love: Wedding Peach- by Sukehiro Tomita


 We are now on the 13th day of our Magical Girl Marathon, and my has it been a long journey so far. Anyways, today let us see one of the more famous (and one with a lot of anti-fans) shows: Wedding Peach!! I had not seen this till today, but it is actually really nice. I find it silly that so many people bash it because they find it similar to Sailor Moon (seriously when are there not similarities between anime in the same genre from the same time period?) which I did not see as being as identical as they claim. I think Wedding Peach is its own thing, and to be honest this will be the first one in our list that focuses on Marriage and the dream of being a bride (one of the three major dreams for girls mostly in pinterest).

-What is this cartoon about?


One day three best friends attending middle school learn that they are three Angel Fighters who are meant to purify (using Love Waves) the souls sullied by devils. Reina Devila, leader of the demon world, wishes to destroy all who love because of some bitter feelings (because of a really dumb problem that occurred to her in the past).

-Who are the central characters?

Wedding.Peach.(character).full.240474Momoko Hanasaki: Momoko is the protagonist and titular character of the series. She is a middle school student in the first year. She is the magical girl that transforms into Wedding Peach the Love Angel. As Wedding Peach, Momoko must fight devils that are trying to destroy Love Waves (a source of power). She has one of the strongest Love Wave. Momoko is clumsy and extremely cheerful, but she also has a bit of a temper. She is part of the school newspaper taking the photos for the articles. She has two forms when transforms. As Wedding Peach, she wears a large white wedding dress, and in this form, she can purify people. Her second form, the more famous Fighter Angel Wedding Peach pictured left, is the more practical of the two forms for battle. In the beginning she and both her friends all have crushes on the third year soccer player named Kazuya, but later she gains feelings for the goalie instead. She lives with her father, a photographer, and her mother is dead. She loves ice cream.

2010-12-02-349672Yuri Tanima: Yuri is one of two best friends of Momoko. She is a middle school student in the second year. She is well mannered, polite, and soft spoken girl. She talks very formally, bowing and apologizing often. She is also very caring, sweet and sensitive to strangers and friends. Being the calmer one of the three, she tends not to loser her temper as often as the others. Yuri is the brains in the team because she is wiser then the other two. Yuri is also on the school’s newspaper along with Momoko and Hinagiku. She takes her job as a reporter. Just like her two friends, she has a crush on Kazuya the captain of the soccer team. Yet, he is an actual love interest for Yuri. When she transforms, she becomes Angel Lily (also with two forms, wedding dress and fighter, much like Wedding Peach). She lives with her mother, a wedding dress maker, and her father. She loves pudding.

Angel.Daisy.full.240472Hinagiku Tamano: Hinagiku is Momoko’s other best friend and the last one of this friendship trio. She is a middle school student in the first year. Hinagiku is the tomboy of the group. Super athletic and tough, she is an outgoing young girl. She is blunt and speaks very roughly which can easily appear rude to people who do not know her. She teases her friends and loses her temper, but Hinagiku is courageous and very sensitive (though she tries to hide it). She also works as part of the school’s newspaper doing the odd jobs as needed. Outside of school, Hinagiku also does Judo at which she is very skilled. Like Momoko and Yuri, she has a crush on the soccer team captain, Kazuya, but her love interest is her childhood friend who she saved from bullies as child. When she transforms into Angel Daisy, she has both the forms, wedding dress and fighter angel. She lives with her parents and brother, and her favorite food is sushi.

UntitledScarlet O’Hara: Scarlet is the fourth member of the team who is introduced later in the story. I have no idea how old she is, but she is probably older then the other girls (my guess is that she is a third year since that is about the cutoff for these characters). She is a loner character who tends to push the others away. Her aloofness and lack of friends (initially) incidentally came off as maturity and being cool to the others. She also shown to be violent, unforgiving, and stubborn at first. Yet as she befriends the others she becomes strong minded, ambitious, and fiery. She is very independent (but she does not seem to have any hobbies or be interested in anything other than killing devils). She hates devils and does not purify them like the others do. Instead, Scarlet intends to kill them. She transforms into Angel Salvia, and has both the forms. Her love interest is her childhood friend from America, Dean Butler. She has no family and lives in an expensive boarding school. Her favorite food is Italian food (more specifically lasagna).

kazuya-yanagiba-copyYousuke FuumaLimone: Limone is the angel that gave Momoko the device for her to transform and acts like the side kick animals of other magical girl cartoons. He also comes down o assist the girls if needs be. There is a lot of drama and major plot points associated with him.

Fuuma Yousuke: Fuuma is the goalie of the school’s soccer team, and best friend of Kazuya. He and Momoko do not get along very much at first, but he does become her love interest in the show. He teases her and fights with her which annoys her. He has an important role in the story, outside of justbeing her love interest.

-How is the Artwork?

The style is similar to the other 90’s animes (specifically it resembles Sailor Moon, which makes sense since it came out three years later).


-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The story is cute, light hearted, and fun. Even though there are mentions of angels, the story has nothing o do with religion. I love the fact that the devils are no all bad and everyone learns to live together in peace. This is the first and only magical girl to have a wedding motif. I also give it props for having an entire plot line that occurred all because of a misunderstanding. All the complaining about this being similar to Sailor Moon is silly. Watch it for what it is, and you will see it is actually really nice.

-Blog Barista


The magical girl fandom that hates Wedding Peach needs to calm themselves.

The magical girl fandom that hates Wedding Peach needs to calm themselves.

Check it out:



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