LilPri- by Makoto Moriwaki


Day twelve of our Magical Girl Marathon hits off with Spellbound! Magical Princess Lilpri. This is an adorable anime, but that’s about it. I say if you are a fan of the magical girl genre and want to watch something idly, then this is the anime for you. I wouldn’t mind watching this before a test to calm my nerves, or after a long day, or even just to waste some time (like if you are waiting for your flight). It doesn’t require much thought or emotion like other shows *cough cough* Madoka *cough cough*.

-What are these cartoons about?
8Fairyland holds all the creatures, kingdoms, princesses, and magic found in fairytales and folklore. Sustaining this world are the twinkling Happiness Tones from the people of Earth; however, the Sky over Fairyland is almost empty. Slowly the princesses and their worlds are disappearing, causing the stories on Earth to vanish as well. In order to save Fairyland, the Queen sends three magical creatures (Ma Pets) with magical gems to Earth to find three girls who have princess abilities. These girls will become “Super Miracle Idols” who will bring happiness to thousands by transforming into 17 year old singing superstars. These girls have an accidental debut at a Wish Concert, one of the most popular male idols, and became “Lil’Pri”.

-Who are the central characters?
Ringo_YukimoriRingo Yukimori is one of the three girls recruited as princesses. She is a ten year old girl with short, pink hair that curls at the end. Her outfit (red headband, puffy shirt, frilly skrit, lacy vest, large bow, and brown boots) is meant to resemble Snow White (her name even means Apple). She is a kind, sweet, adventurous child aspiring to become an idol when she grows up. Her parents own a bakery that makes the “best” apple pies, and Ringo is a talented at cooking and loves to help her parents bake. She is also laid back (and a heavy sleeper), but she always helps others even when she is busy. To emphasize the Snow White reference, Ringo has seven identical little brothers (The Seven Dwarfs) named after the days of the week. Sei, is her Ma-Pet, her symbol is an apple, and her magical bracelet is pink.
Leila_TakishiroLeila Takashiro is the next of the three girls. She is ten years old and has blonde hair clipped on both sides. She is a forgetful and clumsy child (she forgets lines and trips over rocks) and daydreams a lot. Like Cinderella she is good at housework, like washing, cleaning, sewing, and laundry. We learn that her father is Italian and her mother is Japanese, but I am not sure why they picked Italian (the oldest account of Cinderella from 1634 is French and so is the most popular version made in 1697). Her outfit doesn’t really represent Cinderella, which is disappointing. They put a lot of effort into Ringo, making her represent Snow White. So I wish they did the same for the other two protagonists, but at least Leila’s outfit is cute (Leila’s name is also similar to Ella, which is Cinderella’s real name). Her Ma-pet is Dai, her symbol is a sparkle, and her color is blue.
Natsuki_SasaharaNatsuki Sasahara is a rich, headstrong, feisty tomboy. She is ten years old, but does not admit to her feelings at times. She also hates lies. She likes sports and is talented in things like soccer and box vaulting. Her family sells fabric meant for kimonos (very traditional to represent her princess Kaguya, a moon goddess found inside bamboo as a baby and refused all her suitors). Her hair is straight and purple with pigtails, but when she transforms she has a hime cut (straight with cheek length sidelocks) with odangos (small side buns), which is traditional and matches her princess. Her outfit, however, is not traditional, but that makes sense because you can’t play soccer in a kimono. I did like her punkish style though. Her symbol is a moon, her Ma-pet is Ryoku, and her color is purple.
28Chris is a male idol (extremely popular between young girls especially the three heroines) known by his stage name Wish. He has light blue cropped hair and red eyes. We can’t say more about him without ruining the story, so you will have to watch in order to learn how he gets involved in this whole thing.
18Sei the parakeet is Snow White’s creature. He is a natural leader.
Dai the dormouse (not a squirrel) is Cinderella’s creature. He is gluttonous and often has to remind Leila of things she forgets.
Ryoka is a green dragon and is Kaguya’s creature. He teases Natsuki for not being honest about her feelings. He is often mistaken for a toy (or broccoli. Why? I have no idea).

-How is the Artwork?
It is very, very, very adorable and colorful. Other than that the only notable aspect is the CG. It is the first anime to use CG (the show is based on a Sega game), but because of this it is not the best CG (now a days there is a lot better, like Pretty Cure and Love Live High School Idol Project).

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-What makes the cartoon awesome?
Aside from the fact that this anime is cute there is not much else. It is interesting to note, however, that Lilpri was an actual J-pop group. They are the voice actresses of the three girls and they are managed by Up-Front and Hello! Project (the latter agency had Buono! the group involved in Shugo Chara’s ops and eds). They were formed for the promotion of the anime, and these are the same members in Shugo Chara Egg! (a group promoting Shugo Chara). They, however, ended with the end of the anime.30-TheBetterCup






Check it out!!


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