Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne- by Arina Tanemura


Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is an anime made in the early 2000’s. It follows the story of a magical girl whose magic is connected to God and Religion. She is also one of the few thief based maho shojo.

-What are these cartoons about?

4834lThe stroy is about, 16 year old Maron who is visited by an angel and told that she is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. God needs her to gather his power (the source of which are good souls and beauty in their hearts) and stop the Devil’s demons from destroying people’s souls and weakening God. The demons find objects of beauty that are meaningful to people and corrupt the person’s soul through the objects. Jeanne captures these demons hidden in artwork, but when the demons are destroyed the art disappears (so the cops think she is a thief). The stroy is full of drama (mostly the manga). Maron’s best friend is (of course) the daughter of the detective trying to catch her (I personally think the manga did a better job showing the character relationships and development, as well as the growth of the characters).

-Who are the central characters?

MaronMaron Kusakabe: Maron is the main protagonist and titular character of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. She is a sixteen year old high school student who is a trained rhythmic gymnast. She lives alone in an apartment and is very lonely. A month before the start of the anime, Maron meets a semi-angel named Finn who tells her that she has the soul of Joan of Arc. Maron becomes a magical girl named Jeanne, the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, who hunts down demons sent by the Devil to consume people’s souls. As Jeanne, she gains long blonde hair and magical powers. Maron is cheerful and caring person. She stands up for her friends and is fearless when facing demons from Hell. She can be stubborn and Klutzy, but she is an energetic girl with strong morals.

88503Finn Fish: Jeanne does not have a magical creature to be her companion, but she does have a semi-angel named Finn. She was sent down to find Maron and to get her to accept being Jeanne. She is also the one who detects the demon. She is almost a motherly figure to Maron and is the only person Maron has in her life to talk too. Finn is sweet and loving, and most of the big drama in the story revolves around her. I prefer the manga version of her and Miyako (but the anime adaptation is still good).

65546Miyako Todaiji: Miyako is Maron’s best friend from preschool and classmate. She lives in the same apartment across the hall from Maron with her mother and detective father. She is super stubborn and hot tempered. She is good friend (even though she is hell bent on catching Jeanne) and is hurt when she sees that Maron is constantly trying to distance herself from her. I loved Miyako in the manga, she was O.K. in the anime.

c6f0180fa1cde718cd9a06aec2d065001251166833_largeChiaki Nagoya: Chiaki is  the main male protagonist and love interest of Maron. Like her, he is a magical boy and moonlights as Kaitou Sinbad. At first, he is interested in her because she is Jeanne and wants to stop her from collecting the demons, but slowly he begins to fall in love with her. He ends up being a great person to lean on and even helps her feel less lonely.

Access-TimeAccess Time: Access is a small dark angel who is the male equivalent and love interest of Finn. He is the companion of Chiaki detecting demons and giving power for him to transform. he is in love with Finn and most of his motives are driven by his love for her.

-How is the Artwork?

The anime is cute, but nothing super special. The art is very 90s (even though it was released in the very early 2000s)

tumblr_lrkvjooF7L1qk9ln2o1_500 stardustkamikaze-kaitou-jeanne-03dvd-640x480_001_70048 kamikaze-kaitou-jeanne-12-raw_001_157661 -anime_daisuki-_Kamikaze_Kaitou_Jeanne_-_Ep_02.avi_snapshot_05.18_-2012.06.03_04.19.07-1310499022_divine_wind_thief_jeanne33tumblr_m04ov8PYdb1qcpinfo1_500kamikaze-kaitou-jeanne-o

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

This is one of the few magical girl anime to be about a thief magical girl, but she is not the best out there. The story is nice, and basic (mostly the anime). The manga definitely does a better job making the drama and relationships of the story deeper. One part that is good about this anime (and manga) is that it has a happy ending. Also this is the first one I saw that had magic tied to God directly. Lastly I thought it was interesting to point out that as a thief, even though she is doing good, she actually does ruin the precious objects of art.

Anyways, I recommend the manga not so much the anime.

-Blog Barista

That is a face of fear

That is a face of fear


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