Corrector Yui- by Kia Asamiya



It is the ninth day of  our Magical Girls Marathon, and today we introduce Corrector Yui! This was a really surprising and wonderful Magical Girl that TheBetterCup and I had not seen till today. This is a fun and upbeat Magical Girl that takes an awesome twist focusing on technology and not magic. The anime was made in 1999.

-What are these cartoons about?

tumblr_n2x7cjRpgy1tn7e6io1_500The story takes place in the year 2020 (strangely enough that is only 6 years away, and I cannot imagine this as being the future, maybe a more distant one but not in 6 years). Anyways, computers have become such a large part of everyday life, and an evil computer is threatening to take over the world through the internet. Now stay with me. This may sound dumb, but I think it is only because of the way I am explaining  it. The plot is actually really well done. It follows all the basic magical girl elements while being completely different. So back to the plot, Yui is asked to help collect the programs meant to stop the evil computer (named Grosser) and fight Grosser’s computer viruses.

-Who are the central characters?

blYui Kasuga: Yui is the main protagonist and titular character of Correcter Yui. She is a high school student that struggles with using computers (ironic given the fact that the entire society that she lives in is run with them and that her father is a programmer). Her carreer dream is to become a manga artist or anime dubber. Yui gets sucked into the internet (called ComNet here) and becomes the magical girl Correcter Yui Fairy of ComNet (she came up with her own name which is super cute). Her job is to find the seven missing computer softwares that are meant to destroy Grosser.

She gains her powers only while in the virtual world, while wearing Element Suits, and does not actually have any magical powers. She is a powerful fighter, able to take down computer viruses very well. She does not really collect anything, what she is doing is debugging programs and meeting humanoids that were meant to take down the main villain. When she enters the cyber world, she leaves behind her real body asleep in the material world which adds an interesting and funny twist. Yui is spunky, good natured, optimistic beyond bounds, perky, creative, and extremely empathetic. Her nature is very likable and the show very enjoyable. I like her very much, and one of my favorite parts was when she accepted becoming a magical girl. She strated to talk about how she had to transform like they do in the manga for it to really count (she is a girl  that speaks my language!) She is the imperfect heroine in the group, who makes the most mistakes but ends up being the strongest because of her hard work.

I.R.I.R.: Most magical girls get a cute, furry, and nagging creature that bestows to them magical powers, but then again most magical girls are not cyberspace themed. So of course, Correcter Yui gets a robot like program companion instead. I.R. is the eighth software created to take down Grosser. He is the installer, and the one that finds Yui.

Corrector_HarunaHaruna Kisaragi: Haruna is a classmate and best friend of Yui. Unlike Yui, she is really skilled at using computers (like a natural talent) and is the perfect candidate to be a Correcter. Haruna seems to be a very good friend to Yui (at least from what I have seen so far). She is a very kind person, who is calm and polite. She is very intelligent and does very well in school (she is definite foil to Yui). She was the one that was meant to become the Correcter not Yui. She comes in and assists Yui, becoming Correcter Haruna. I am not one hundred percent sure, since I have yet to see the entire series, but I think she may have a crush on Yui’s love interest ( this one boy who is friends with her and Yui). She has a more angelic theme to her outfit. She is the super talented perfect one in the group whose will is not really as strong as Yui.


Grosser: Grosser (I laughed for a while when he was first introduced cause that is not a name you want as the villain). He is the leader of the Corrupters. He was a normal program created by the professor to maintain ComNet. It is because of Grosser that I.R. mistakenly gets Yui to be the magical girl and not Haruna. He is actually a bad guy that is deeper than he first seems, and Yui ends up helping him a lot.

104394Ai Shinozaki: Ai is a mysterious girl who comes in the second season. She is also a Corrector and seems emotionless and cold at first. She is extremely efficeint and at first she dislikes Yui (but of course Yui’s hard work and optimism thaws her cold heart over time). At first, Yui’s team sees her as a possible enemy. Yet, she slowly changes and goes out of her way to help Yui (becoming her friend). She had a tough life and becomes emotionless and cold so as to hide her pain and sadness. Ai has more of a maid theme going on with her outfit, and she also has these really bad ass futuristic glasses (you know the kind that Cyclops from X-Men wears. It looks super cool). Of course, she is the tough one in the group that needs Yui to stop being so angsty.

-How is the Artwork?

When you see it, its obviously a 90s cartoon. Yet, it is still really wonderful. The drawing style is upper cute, but what makes it so distinguishing is the heavy emphasis in technology. A new twist to a genre that is really girly (you know they do not really emphasize tech equipment when it comes to young girls and hobbies). It is different and extra cool. TheBetterCup describes this cartoon as a more girly version of Tron.


-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The technological part is different. I really like it. Magical Girls emphasize strength in women, and it is important that there be variety in that depiction. I like how this one ties in technology with femininity, pointing to a different rout for female strength. Some girls are physically strong, some innocent, some feminine, others nerdy, and some kind and optimistic. All of these are different strengths that are showcased in magical girl animes, and Correcter Yui just adds a new form in the repertoire of girl power.

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This is how I am feeling almost everyday lately.

This is how I am feeling almost everyday lately.

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