Pretty Sammy- by Kazuyuki Hirokawa, Magical Project S- by Katsuhito Akiyama, & Sasami Magical Girl Club- by AIC & BeSTACK

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Day 8 of the Magical Girl Marathon, and because there are three that are related I have decided to do the impossible and talk about all three. I will try my best, but all of this is based on Tenchi Muyo!, and since that is not a magical girl anime, I will not go over it (so if you need more info, please look this series up).

-What are these cartoons about?

Ok, so basically it starts off with Pretty Sammy. What happens is in Tenchi Muyo!, Tenchi is some useless kid in the country side who meets a group of alien girls ( space pirate Ryoko, Juraian princesses Ayeka and Sasami, scientist Washu, and officers of the Galaxy Police Mihoshi and Kiyone,) and Ryo-Ohki (Ryoko’s spaceship that is a cat/rabbit). Anyways, its a harem and they have galactic adventures. Moving on!

samhy3Pretty Sammy is an OVA/Spin-off of Tenchi Muyo. Sasami is Tenchi’s little sister in Pretty Sammy and she is the main character, Pretty Sammy. One day Sasami Kawaii (yes that is her actual name) is sent by her mother to an abandoned mansion to deliver a CD (wtf), and there she meets a princess in line to be queen, Tsunami. The princess gives her powers in order to be her candidate (she will prove she should be queen through Sasami who is getting points for solving problems as a magic girl). Anyways, all the original characters are now having “normal” lives. Ayeka (the student council president) and Ryoko are fighting for Tenchi, Sasami’s best friend is Misao (who thanks to the second princess, Ramia, and her brother, Rumiya, unknowingly becomes Pixy Misa, another magical girl and rival), Washu is their science teacher, and Mihoshi and Kiyone work at the CD shop. Ryo-Ohki is even the magical girl’s companion. This is a parody. It is so stupid that if you go in thinking its serious you will be wasting 90 minutes of your life.

sammyNow because Pretty Sammy was a hit they made a full series called Magical Project S (its a comedy, but not a parody). Then they made another spin-off set in a different dimension called Sasami Magical Girl Club (which fyi has new and old characters). In this spin-off Sasami Iwakura is born with magical powers, but  is forbidden to use them. She keeps her powers a secret, but when a new teacher, Washu, and her pet, Ryo-Ohki, appear her life gets flipped.

The magic girls are Sasami, Misao, Makoto, Tsukasa, and Anri. They train with Washu and Daimon (Washu’s boss) as part of a cooking club, take trips to the magic world, and compete against other magic teams. Later they have to face the Chief Sorceress who wants to use the magic girls in a plan to cleanse the corrupted human world (sounds a little like Kyuubi).

-Who are the central characters?

I will not talk about all of the characters, just the magic girls briefly.

zezeSasami is the lead character of all three series. She is a happy, bubbly 10 years old girl (her age is really unknown but in the Magic Girls Club she is in the fifth grade), and in the Club series her power is to move things around with out touching them (which is pretty useless), and she possesses the ability of light (the most rare magic). She is also very responsible (loves to cook for her family and help out), but she acts more mature in the OVA and more aggressive in Project S. Additionally, though Pretty Sammy is your generic magic girl, Sasami from the Club series is more of a magical witch girl, learning magic rather then just acquiring magic through nonsensical chants and they don’t transform. Instead, they change clothing. Her parents have forbidden her to use her magic (since she was three), but her mom is really air headed, so her dad makes her promise never to use it.


Misao, the shy, sweet character. She is easily scared in the Club series, but has a darker past in the Sammy series (her parents fought a lot). She is hypnotized into being the evil, yet friendly rival magical girl Pixy Misa, who harasses Pretty Sammy. In the Club series, if she is afraid her fear manifests itself as worms around her body. I want to point out that in the English version of Magical Girls Club one of Sasami’s friends warn her that if she talks to Misao she will “catch emo” (that was a ridiculous line and made me laugh). In the magical club she has a bluish purple hair, but in Pretty Sammy her counter part has black hair. Misao’s magical ability is to create a defensive cloak (with cat ears).

zezMakoto is the short, bossy, hot-headed, strong girl whose special powers is the ability to enlarge or shrink herself. She has issues with her size, skips class (hanging out in the bathroom), and drinks as much milk as she possibly can (in hopes of growing), but is the reason why she is always going to the bathroom (she might be lactose intolerant). She realizes her powers when she wishes on a star to be taller. She does not appear in Pretty Sammy.


Tsukasa is an emotionless girl with pink hair, and she manipulates the wind. She is “really really famous,” but her dad is super over protective, forbidding her to do lots of things including using her magic. She is a dandere, and eventually reveals she actually does care about others.


Anri is a himedere (acts like a princess). She has lots of boys that follow her and do her bidding, but she is obsessed with Tsukasa. She has the ability to transform her drawings into tangible things. The truth is she is actually poor and has many younger siblings.

-How is the Artwork?

The old and new vary, so its up to you to decide what you like. For the old I personally hate the ridiculous hair styles, but I liked how thick the characters were thicker; however, the new one is way cuter. The old one also reminds me of Dragon Ball Z (or those How to Draw Manga books, but the new one looks like Pokemon or YuGiHo).

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An acceptable panty shot (seeing as she is not in grade school) appears in Pretty Sammy.

In Sasami Magical Girl Club Washu tells the girls they can distract people with panty shots, but they don’t need to “whore it up like high school girls” (there is so much wrong with this statement).

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

Pretty Sammy is funny and cringe worthy, so I enjoyed suffering through it. It is full of cliches and is a great Parody.

Magical Project S is still funny, but not as stupidly forced. Its not one of my favorites, but I say try it.

Sasami Magical Girl Club is very cute, has some romance, but is surprisingly dark (mostly because of Misao and her fears).

All in all this was so so for me.


I give up. I just wanna trundle forever...

I give up. I just wanna trundle forever…

Here is Episode 1:

Sasami Magical Girls Club: (sorry its in English)


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