Nurse Angel Ririka SOS- by Yasushi Akimoto

ririka3The seventh magical girl in the Magical girl Marathon is Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. Realeased in the 1990s, this is one magical girl series that was easily overlooked, but well known among the hardcore Maho Shojo fans. It is a really basic 90s magical girl, unlike the Magical Whatever Girls, Ririka fights evil (most maho shojos tend to do so around the 90s to present). I have not actually watched before this, but by seeing only the first episode it does not come off as anything special. Yet, I learned that the ending is a super emotional roller coaster.

-What is the cartoon about?

tumblr_mtbgfuYwCO1sg6db3o1_500The story centers around a young heroine named Ririka who on her tenth birthday receives a cap that allows her to transform into a magical nurse. She must protect the universe from an evil organization name Dark Joker who has poisoned other worlds, including one called Queen Earth. Queen Earth sends their prince to Earth to find someone who can be the heavenly guardian and stop Dark joker who are threatening to destroy Earth. Her main objective is to find the Flower of Life.

-Who are the central characters?

ririkaRirika Moriya: Ririka is a fourth grader who is bubbly and clumsy heroine who goes to White Dove Academy (reputable private school). She is the titular character that become Nurse Angel and fights Dark Joker. She has help from her childhood friend Seiya and her crush Kano. She lives with her parents, little brother, and grandmother. Ririka is outgoing and dreams to become a nurse one day. As Nurse Angel, she becomes serious and determined (and even a little older).

 In the first episode, she does not seem to show to much in her personality. She is really active and more spunky than the girls in her school. She comes off as rambunctious. Ririka is clueless to Seiya’s feeling towards her, which is a little disappointing to me (but also a little refreshing for a magical girl series to not focus on love and a perfect ending). She does have three love interests though, and of course one of then is a former evil doer.

UntitledSeiya Uzaki: Seiya is the ten year old neighbor and childhood friend of Ririka. He is also in the same class as her. He sucks at school, but is great in sports and playing pranks. For the most part, he is extremely brave. Before he gains any way of helping Ririka, he still tries to defend her from evil, large, destructive monsters by beating them with mops (or anything useful in sight), he does not even think first.

He has strong feelings for Ririka, making so many hints along the way, but he never tells her straight out so she never finds out how he feels.

tumblr_mf5x8xcIKD1qa7jblo1_400Kano Nozomu: Kano is a mysterious transfer student that gives Ririka her magical cap. He is actually a Prince from the Queen Earth, and the boy that Ririka has a crush on. There is so much drama involved with this guy, I swear.

He takes responsibility very seriously and almost never smiles. Kano is acting as a sixth grader at White Dove Academy, and all the girls love him (even has an obsessive fan club of course).

-How is the Artwork?

This is a classic example of 90s animation. Some times it is great and other times it is so so, but still its lovable and cute.

tumblr_mwj0xdzLC21sbxbpvo3_400 tumblr_n35if7KqpU1re0o46o1_400 tumblr_mgwnexTHKW1re0o46o1_400 tumblr_mgwm55LuB71re0o46o1_400 10

tumblr_mlbtwdduox1re0o46o1_500 tumblr_m216onAtbB1r9e2uvo1_500 ririka2310

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

It is definitely not my favorite Magical Girl. To be honest at first I did not like it. But, it turns out that the show slowly builds. The characters slowly develop, drama starts to swell in, and the ending is a roller coaster that leaves many crying bittersweet tears. I have yet to finish it, but I recommend at least trying the first episode.

-Blog Barista

I do love her transformation and magical powers sequences.

I do love her transformation and magical powers sequences.


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