Magical Princess Minky Momo- by Kunihiko Yuyama

Minky.Momo.full.472171 Day six of the Magical Girl Marathon stars the last Magical somethin’ girl (I am not counting Magical Angel Sweet Mint, because I might not review her), Minky Momo! Looking this up was hard, because there are two stories with two VERY different Momos. I will be focusing on the Sora Momo, aka the sky one, not the Umi (sea) Momo (Tip: the Sora Momo has a star on her headband, and the Umi Momo has a heart. That is the only big difference in appearance).

-What is the cartoon about? tumblr_lhpiypn3jN1qfiwuro1_500

Magical Princess Minky Momo is the princess of a land of dreams in the sky called Fenarinarsa. Fairy tale characters live in Fenarinarsa, but because people were losing their hopes and dreams, Fenarinasa was in danger of leaving Earths orbit (cause that’s gravity for you). To save this sky world the King and Queen send their daughter, Momo, to Earth in order to help people regain their hope. She uses her magic to trick a childless couple into thinking that she is their daughter. She has three companions, and she transforms into an adult with a specific occupation. Every time Momo brings happiness, the Fenarinarsa crown shines, and after four shines a jewel appears. With all twelve of these jewels, Fenarinarsa returns to its rightful place.

-Who are the central characters?

tumblr_n17f8wvfLT1re6nxeo1_400Momo is the princess of Fenarinasa, and she appears to be a little girl of at most 12 years of age. Actually her age is not mentioned, and her personality is pretty much non-existant. Maybe later on in the series when she actually faces obstacles there might be something more; however, she is cookie cutter and seems to fit the Magic Girl basics (kind, likable, helpful, optimistic, etc..). The funny thing is she comes with a car/bus/helicopter thing and no one questions why this preteen is driving; however, the fact that she might actually have learned something from her father as a vet is completely impossible.

cfbbaedde18265a584d5424ca3fad7cdHer magical companions are Sindbook the dog, Pipil the bird, and Mocha the monkey. Pipil is the only girl, and she tends to talk a lot. Her favorite subject is herself, and she always talks about how beautiful she is or how she wishes she could be like Momo (she is shallow). Mocha first words focuses on justice, but he seems like the slower one of the three (I could be wrong, but this is my first impression of him). Lastly, Sindbook is pessimistic and ready to leave her when she needed help (in episode one he only stayed because he was there for most of it and felt like he might as well stick it out). He didn’t even believe she would succeed. This is true friendship. Only reason I don’t considered these guys as the worst Maho companions so far is because of Kyuubi.

-How is the Artwork?

This is an old anime magic girl, so she looks like the other 80’s cartoons. She is super colorful and cute, and you could get a picture of the scenery and not know if its from Momo or from Yumi, Mami, Emi, or Mai’s cartoons. tumblr_mloqm3GWFY1qesgs1o1_500............... -What makes the cartoon awesome?

So Momo has her unique points. First, aside from her twirling (which is due to physics) there are no glaringly obvious panty shots or nude scenes. Also though at first the story seems bland at some point there are twists and turns that just cause Momo’s life to flip upside down (I won’t spoil anything, but for an 80’s cartoon Momo faces some tough shit and actually fights shadows who are the causes of the troubles people face). Also there is a second Momo from Marinarsa (land of dreams in the bottom of the sea). She has a dog (Cookbook), bird (Lupipi), and monkey (Charmo) as well, and she is sent for the same purpose, but her obstacles are different (and just as messed up). The two even meet. Their stories teach us that hopes and dreams are never lost, and the fact that Momo transforms into different occupations teaches kids that they can be whatever they want. Also, Momo references Momotaro (Japanese folklore) who is also accompanied by a dog, bird, and monkey. All together I want to say I don’t like this cartoon, but once you get past the beginning its actually decent.



God Damnit. That teddy looks so soft.


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