CardCaptor Sakura- by Clamp


Clamp is a group of manga artists that is formed by four female members. They began in the mid 1980s and have produced some of the most famous mangas/anime in history. Anyone who has been in the anime/manga hobby since the 90s has heard of at least one of  their popular stories. Some of their more well known ones include xxxHolic, Chobits, Kobatu, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and CardCaptor Sakura. For the fifth day of the Magical Girl Marathon, we will be talking about CardCaptor Sakura. Now I personally dislike most Clamp produced animes, but CardCaptor Sakura is amazing and my childhood.

-What is the cartoon about?


The story is like any typical magical girl with a bit of a unique twist. Sakura discovers a mysterious book in her fathers study one day When she opens it, she discovers a set of magical cards that are called Clow Cards. She reads the name aloud, Windy, and accidentally uses its magic. The cards are scattered in the town and she awakes the books guardian. To save the city from the dangers of the cards, and collect them all, the Guardian, Cerbus, gives her a magical wand. She begins the journey as CardCaptor, and must keep it a secret from her family and her friends (not her best friend though). She also has to deal with her normal everyday life: her caring older brother who teases her a lot, her crush and brother’s best friend, and tsundere rival in collecting the Clow Cards.

-Who are the central characters?


Sakura Kinomoto: The main protagonist and titular character, Sakura is a fourth grader that lives with her father and older high school aged brother. She is a very cheerful young girl, who tends be naive, clueless, and spaces out every once in a while. She is extremely talented in athletics, but hates math. She can be tumblr_n2whqqCZpb1s1jmnvo4_r2_250cowardly at times when it comes to ghosts and the supernatural.

Sakura is really liked by mostly everyone. She is kind and sweet, and her personality is very likable. TheBetterCup and I are grateful that she is not the klutzy type, and she  is actually really spunky sometimes. She is in love with her older brother’s best friend, Yukito, and her crush on him is cute and innocent. This is one magical girl (at least in the last bunch that we have seen) that does not start a romance with someone who could be considered a grown adult. She may like Yukito but he sees her as a much younger, very kind friend. She does not have a magical girl transformation, but she does have a magical capturing incantation that makes up for it. Best of all, she does not have pedophile panty shots!


Cerberus (also known as Kero): Kero is the guardian of the magical book that held the Clow Cards. He appoints Sakura as the candidate to be the new master of the cards. Unlike most magical creature side kicks, Kero does not just nag at Sakura. He sees the loss of the Clow Cards as his responsibility also, and tries his best to help her. He is her friend, protector, and adviser in understanding all the magic that comes into her life. He can still be bossy sometimes, and demanding, and voracious (mostly eating a lot of sweets), and a little pompous. He looks like a little stuffed animal with wings, but his true form looks like a large winged tiger/lion thing. His powers come from the sun and is self sustaining.

images (1)Tomoyo Daidouji: Tomoyo is Sakura’s best friend and second cousin. She comes from a very rich family (her dad owns a large Toy Company), and so she has a lot of connections so she gets Sakura lots of useful gadgets to help. She designs all of Sakura’s outfits to be functional and cute, and she also records her adventures. Tomoyo is a little obsessive of Sakura, but she is kind, caring, nurturing, mature, and very formal. She helps Sakura just like any girl’s best friend. She supports her with her crush, and gives her advice when she needs it. She is also a really talented singer.

Lots of people are a little bit unsettled by how mush Tomoyo is fanatic with Sakura. I do not mind much. I think she is a great friend and someone that Sakura needs in her life.

download (1)

Syaoran Li: Syaoran is Sakura’s rival (and, near the end, a love interest). He is a descendant of the man that made the Clow Cards so he feels he deserves to be the Master of the Cards. At first he is mean, but slowly he begins to respect and help Sakura. He is definitely the tsundere of the cast, which is really cute. I liked the way his relationship with Sakura developed. It had a chance to go in the really basic direction, but the characters are well made and develop in a great pace.

Syaoran is skilled in martial arts, fights with a sword, and he has some magical ability (detecting the cards and casting spells with those papers and incantations). He was born in Hong Kong, and comes to Japan so as to collect the Clow Cards to become a candidate for the Clow Card Master.


Yue: He is brother of Kero, and the second Guardian of the Clow Cards. His powers come from the moon, and are not self sustaining. He is dependent on the power of his master. So he is the judge of who will be the Master of the Clow Cards.

He is aloof, serious, and hard to get close to at first. Over course as time lapse, he slowly begins to respect and like Sakura.

-How is the Artwork?

One of the reasons I am not all that interested in Clamp is that I am not a fan of their drawing style. Even though I say that, I still find CardCaptor Sakura to be cute, and it only gets better as the series progresses. The outfits are definitely the best part, so much cuteness!!!


-What makes the cartoon awesome?

imagesSakura CardCaptor puts a fresh twist on the whole idea of magical girls. Her personality is unique, but keeps the qualities that we love in these girls (kindness, strength, childlike innocence, and good-heartedness). She has crazy outfits but how she gains them makes more sense and is actually useful. Her magical creature is more supportive than usual, and everything is extra cute.

-Blog Barista


Her outfits are so cute!


Check it out:


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