Pastel Yumi the Magical Idol- by Kiyoko Arai


Day four of the Magical Girl Marathon Pastel Yumi! I have to be honest, even with the standards set by the last Magical whatever gals, Pastel Yumi ended up my least favorite. I was very disappointed with the first impressions left by the first episode and my time reaseraching Pastel Yumi. Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of stuff I like about it. On top of some plot aspects I like that its cute and different as far as magic girls (mostly compared to the other Magical whatever gals), but you will see a mini rant at the end of why I am upset.

-What is the cartoon about?

SandydaiMilleColori17Magical Idol Pastel Yumi is about an 11 year old girl who loves to draw and wants to be a manga artist. The first episode starts with these voices in the sky (you don’t see who is talking at first) noticing a flower carnival and revealing that they looking for a girl named Yumi. Then we see  a rich, chubby lady and her butler on a hang glider and a young man (who you later recognize as someone working with Yumi’s parents) instructing them on hang gliding. Anyways, the fat lady notices down below children gathered at the wall surrounding her house and she goes to confront them. Turns out Yumi is drawing on the wall, and the kids are all watching her (because they like her art). The rich lady, Fukurokouji, had said in an interview that she wanted kids to draw tumblr_mrnad9GgFP1qesgs1o4_500on her plain wall, but in reality she is a bitch who lies to look good in the public’s eyes. She makes Yumi clean the wall (and even sabotages Yumi by getting her dog covered in paint to run around so that she cannot go to the carnival). When Fukurokouji notices a daffodil she orders her butler to destroy it (because she is allergic to flowers), but Yumi stands her ground to keep it safe. The two voices from the very start of the show appear as little fluffy cat things, and they help Yumi protect the flower. When Yumi goes to a flower field to plant the daffodil, the two creatures reveal themselves and tell Yumi that they are fairies from the flower kingdom who have come to give a child how loves flowers magic. They give her a necklace and a wand, which when she recites the magic words (Pastel Poppuru Poppin-pa) anything she draws with the wand comes to life.

-Who are the central characters?


Yumi Hanazono is a girl in grade school. She loves flowers and does not do well in school (she is not a klutz like Mai from Magical Star Emi, but she is not as rambunctious as Mami or even Persia). She also loves to draw, and wants to become a manga artist. Her family runs a flower shop, and that is why she has such a strong appreciation for flowers. Yumi is a very good artist (apparently because everyone loves her work, but when she would doodle a chubby pony a majestic horse would come to life); however, Yumi does not always use the best judgement when choosing what to draw.

Sandy2 Keshimaru and Kakimaru are the fuzzy talking creatures that accompanies Yumi. Kakimaru comes from the verb Kaku or Kakimasu meaning to write, and Kakimaru is the yellow fluff-ball (its a she) that draws or writes when helping Yumi. Keshimaru comes from Kesu or Keshimasu meaning to erase, and Keshimaru, the boy, is the pink fluff-ball, and he helps by erasing things for Yumi. Both of them are fairies from the Flower Kingdom, that came to Earth to give Yumi magic. Keshimaru is more fun loving then the stricter Kakimaru. Kakimaru insists that before they can go enjoy the Flower Festival they must finish their mission (also Keshimaru hogs all the ice cream and is the reason why Yumi’s father’s doll was destroyed).

-How is the Artwork?

Like the other Magical Whatever Gals, this is retro animation. I find it cuter than Persia, but not Mami or Emi. I also feel that the young man in this cartoon reminds me of Tuxedo mask (the Blog Barista is judging me for comparing the two), so I like this cartoon’s style.

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-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The cartoon is different so it wins a lot of points for uniqueness. Yumi is not a klutz, her family is dysfunctional (her mother is an alcoholic, her parents are always fighting, and they even separate at one point), and her powers have a time limit. I did not like the music playing when she uses her powers, but I guess they have to make up for the fact that she does not transform. Its also interesting that her powers are bringing doodles to life. My only beef with the entire show is the perverted-ness towards an elementary school student. Panty shots? Well, I saw a lot of them in the other Magical Whatever Gals, and this one also had quiet a few. No, my problem is the fact that in the last few seconds of the first episode the girl is stripped nude. Fine, it makes sense with the fact that her dress disappeared because of the time limit thing. Then why is it that when I Google Pastel Yumi I get only pictures of Yumi taking a bath or losing her clothes again and again? That’s sick. She is 11.




The Magical Whatever Gals. Its missing Minky Momo though….

Check out the first episode!



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