Magical Emi the Magical Star- by Kiyoko Arai

11Day three of the Magical Girl Marathon Magical Emi! I really liked this one more than the last couple. Even though I found Creamy Mami’s protagonist more likable than Magical Emi’s, I found Magical Emi’s story to be more entertaining and with more drama. They both have stories of making successful careers, but Magical Emi had a dream of being a magician and Creamy Mami just fell into being an idol.

-What is the cartoon about?

Magical Emi focuses on the story of Kozuki tumblr_mrnad9GgFP1qesgs1o3_500Mai. One day, as she is helping her grandparents organize through their magic supplies, she sees a floating ball of light. She follows it up stairs where it reveals itself to be the the fairy of the mirror. He tells her that she is one of the only people that can see him and thus will give her magical powers. She uses her powers to reach her dreams of being a great magician and join her family’s Magicarat (she was in it before but they did not view her as a real important part. Hell they forgot about her at one point).

-Who are the central characters?


Mai Kozuki is the protagonist of the story. Much like Persia and Creamy Mami, Mai is an elemntary student who gains magical powers to become an older woman. In her case, Mai becomes an 18 year old girl she calls Emi (after her the best female magician she looks up to called Emily Howel). Any ways, Mai is an out going girl, full of curiosity, and easily distracted. She wishes to be a great magician, but sadly she is a huge klutz. This leads to her family not seeing her as very serious as a magician (she is so clumsy she is kind of bad at being a magician). As Magical Emi she is a great magician, able to do feats that not even her grandparents (magicians) can do. She is also quite sassy, which is always a plus in female characters. Like the others, she has a crush who is much older than her (like 18) who falls in love with her older form.

5457-880699229Topo is the fuzzy talking creature that accompanies Mai. I am not sure there is much I can say about Topo. He is not really an anime, actually he is the mirror fairy that gave Mai her powers. She kept getting distracted as he tried to explain to her the magic, so he took the body of a flying squirrel stuffed animal. He is mostly like Nega and the Kappa’s, very bossy and nags some. The family readily accepts Topo as Mai’s new pet, even though its supposed to be a random wild squirrel (some rabie shots would probably be a good idea). He mentioned that some one told him to give a special child the magic, but we are not sure who.

-How is the Artwork?

Like the others, this is a retro animation style. I find it cuter than Persia, and her adult form is cuter than Mami (who had way to much make up on for a sixteen year old). Also the boy/love interest is way cuter than both the other stories.

1 - Copyemi 1111 1

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

The cartoon is great and also a classic. My only problem is the fact that there are a couple of panty shots and Mai is klutzy in a dumb sort of way. I understand that there are people who are more likely to make mistakes, but she is klutz in an annoying way sometimes. When she makes a mistake, it is meant to be cute, and she will like pause and smile at the viewer. I just find it weird. I feel like this is the time when the klutzy idiot trope starts to become a thing in anime.

-Blog Barista

Magical Girls, hiding weapons away like true magicians.

Magical Girls, hiding weapons away like true magicians.

Check out the first episode!

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