Persia the Magical Fairy- by Takako Aonuma


-What is the cartoon about?

tumblr_mrnad9GgFP1qesgs1o2_500The story starts off with Goken, an old man, and his grandsons, twins Riki and Gaku Muroi, bringing Persia Hayami to Japan to live with her adopted parents, Hideki and Kumi (who own a grocery store). On the flight to Japan, however, the plane experienced a turbulence-like incident that brought Persia to “Lovely Dream,” a land where dreams are born and grow; however, it’s a cold and wintery place, so all the dreams freeze once they are freed (Persia can understand and free these dreams). A fairy Queen appears, in the form of a butterfly, tells Persia that Lovely Dream is in danger and asks for her help (or else everyone she loves will turn into women, aka the twins). Giving Persia a magical headband, she teaches her the magic words necessary to transform into an older version of herself (Papirikko gets the headband to work and Perukko Raburin Kurukuru Rinkuru gets her to transform). She is sent back with three kappas as her observers and her new mission of collecting love energy to thaw out Lovely Dream (Her goal is to pretty much get others to fall in love with her).

-Who are the central characters?

tumblr_mjbm90NLjO1qg653uo1_500Persia Hayami is an 11 year old girl who has grown up on the Serengeti plains of Africa with her animal friends. She only ever wore a leopard skin (like a cave man), but for the rest of the anime she wears a sailor fuku. Once she visits Lovey Dream she gets a headband, which summons this baton (she does a similar twirly dance as Creamy). The baton then transforms her and allows her to use magic (which means she can magically change clothing or objects into what ever she wants). She is irresponsible (duh, she’s 11) and uses her magic for silly things like bringing her pet lion, Simba, to Japan as a kitty cat. She also gave him the ability to talk.

3Gaku and Riki Muroi are the grandsons of Goken and friends of Persia. They both care for Persia as if she were their little sister. They are both reckless when it comes to Persia, like when they lost her they were running everywhere without a second thought. Riki is dating Sayo Mitomo, but both boys are in love with Persia’s older self.


Puri Puri, Meso Meso, and Gera Gera are the three kappas that look over Persia. Puri Puri is the girl kappa with the pink purse. Her name is the onomatopoeia meaning “huffing,” because she scolds Persia a lot. Meso Meso is a coward (wearing a red bow tie), and his name is the sound of whimpering. Gera Gera is the kappa in the orange shirt who also scolds. His name means “guffawing.”



-How is the Artwork?

The artwork looks like Creamy Mami’s, and it’s cute and retro. Sometimes they have random moments where the characters have buckteeth, which I don’t like, but it reminds me of Monica from the Truma da Monica comics. All in all I love the range of emotions the characters display.

tumblr_n3bj74QIXW1reytm5o7_5005 2 1999999

-What makes the cartoon awesome?

This cartoon is adorable, and the character is very optimistic and not an airhead. I liked her transformation, and I liked that her little helpful creatures were kappas. My one problem (and its the same for Creamy Mami and such) for a 11 year old girl, there are WAY too many panty shots. Not cool.


Motivational Pic for Today

Motivational Pic for Today


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