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Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service

So I finally fixed the time and date problem I was having. Now all of the posts are marked the right time/dates. AS ALWAYS, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHO THE ARTISTS ARE PLEASE TELL ME. Anyways, today’s legend/folklore is going to be, drum roll please……. the Witch!!

1witchNow finding information on the witch is actually really hard. There are witches in almost all cultures, and each of them have their own specific characteristics. On top of that, the historical facts are filled with stories of people being accused of witchcraft, and witches being evil (mostly during the time after Christianity became huge because it was considered paganism), and there is a religion called Wicca that are, themselves, modern witches. In this post, I am not talking about the modern witches. I am not talking about the people who use herbs and stuff and are accused of being magic. I am talking about the folklore from older times or magical women who can fly and what not. My point is that I will try to get information and explain it all as best I can.

Usually when you think of a witch, you imagine an older woman, large nose, warts, ugly, black pointy hat, and with a broom stick. No one knows the exact origin of these characteristics come from, there are many theories though, but not all witches look like that.


Grim Grim Moire

Witches range from good to evil, ugly to beautiful, young to old, and human to mystical other being within mythologies. They are depicted in a wide range. What is always similar, though, is that it is a female humanoid (usually human) with magical abilities.

Their magic origin is unknown. In some legends they are magical because they have a wisdom that allows them to obtain and use nature and its spiritual energy. In other stories, they are innately gifted with magic. They had very many magical abilities. They can cast spells to carry out a magical actions. They can also utilize amulets, create potions out of herbs, and perform incantations and rituals.

Many witches are said to fly on broomsticks and have animal familiars associated with them.

Evil witches have the powers to curse people, make cattle sick, make food poison, and create failure in crop growth. They can also use dolls as voodoo dolls so as to harm others. They are dangerous, dishonest, and tricky women.

Good witches on the other hand are known do do a number of other things. They use magic to cure diseases and ailments that can either be of the mundane sort or ones created by fairies and spirits. They create charms for luck, and can undo evil witchcraft.

Mostly, witches have a really negative connotation, but not every witch within stories is evil. Many can be good and helpful.

Legends say that witches cannot cry more than three tears, and that their broom sticks are called besoms.

Its hard to find information on witches in folklore, but if you want you can learn some more about the Wicca religion, check that out here: http://wicca.com/celtic/wicca/wicca.htm

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