Bee and PuppyCat- Natasha Allegri

Bee and PuppyCat Logo

Bee and PuppyCat Logo

Bee and PuppyCat is an adorable webseries that I have been waiting for months to come out with their newest episode. It is made in the United States, and the plot focuses around a magical girl. It is only appropriate that I discuss it here.

by Natazilla

by Natazilla

-What is the cartoon about?

Bee and PuppyCat follows the Life of Bee, a twenty year old girl who cannot hold a job and is struggling to find more in her life. PuppyCat is then introduced, falling into her life. He is a cat-dog creature who begins to live with her. Together they work an intergalactic temp job to pay rent and buy food. There has only been two five minute shorts so far (one whole episodes divided into two), but in 2014 nine more episodes are planned to release. Bee and PuppyCat has had one of the most successful Kick-starters in all of history for a cartoon. To watch, go to the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel. It is made by the same woman that also made the gender swapped Adventure Time featuring Fionna and Cake. She is super creative and extremely funny.



Unknown Artist (if you know  please tell me)

Unknown Artist (if you know please tell me)

-Who are the central characters?

Bee: The main protagonist, and one of the titular characters; Bee is a twenty year old woman that struggles to hold down a steady job. She has only a high school degree to back her up, and no useful/mundane skills. She is impulsive and tends to space out easily, but she is still very caring. She hesitates to bring PuppyCat into her home, but does it anyways in the end. The magic scares her at first, yet she accepts it quickly. She will do anything to help her friends and loved ones.

PuppyCat: PuppyCat is the second titular character in the webseries. He meets Bee by accident. Since she took care of him, he helps her gain money by letting her work a temp job with him. He does not speak much, and when he does it is in a different language. He is very mysterious, and his past is somewhat uncertain but marked with sadness. He thinks very highly of himself, and is very protective of Bee.

-How is the Artwork?

I think the art work is beautiful. It is simple, colorful, and cartoonish in a cute way. But judge for yourself its awesomeness.


-What makes the cartoon awesome?

It is super magical and cute. Though the story comes off as sweet, simple, and innocent;  there is a hint to some drama (both magical and mundane). Bee has a love interest to whom she is so awkward with, and PuppyCat’s past is hinted to be very interesting. Natasha is a very funny person and it shows through in the humor of the show. Also, it is a magical girl made in the United States so you know the female protagonist will have a different mentality than most Japanese protagonists (culturally influenced). Lastly and this is the best part, PuppyCat is voiced by a vocaloid!!!! If you do not know what that is, please check out my previous post about that magical gem.

-Blog Barista

Leaving you with some Awesome.

Leaving you with some Awesome.


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