Top 8 Epic Anime Battles


AS A FAIR WARNING, THIS POST INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING BEHAVIOR IN THE GIFS AND/OR VIDEOS: foul language, mention of sex as compensation for help, blood and gore, and obviously violence. 


I felt like lately I have been doing so many posts that were slightly effeminate. So, today’s post will be filled with testosterone (even though many of the fighters are women), blood, and some mention of questionable behavior (one of them hints at sex so if you don’t want to hear it skip this post). I will explain were the scenes come from, who are fighting, and why we picked it, but the videos will speak for them selves. I also hope you like the battle gifs, these were contenders that did not make the cut.

TheBetterCup and I picked these fight scenes because (by our opinions only) 1sworadartthey were the most memorable and badass. Of course there were many to choose from. We have not seen all the anime out there so we probably missed out on some gems, but from what we have seen these struck us as memorable, enjoyable to watch, full of intensity, and not at all boring. I also kept it down to eight because it was not very easy to find the scenes, with good music, and were all the talking (that is only relevant to the plot) was cut out or at least not dubbed (sorry for all those in favor for dubs, some are just real bad).

I tried to be fair and did a lot of searching for more obscure anime and ones whose battle scenes are probably not as well known. 1maidThat being said a couple of these are from really ‘famous’ anime. It was really hard not to pick Attack on Titan or to have more than two Naruto battles (lets be honest they are really intense and epic). In the end I really focused on the ones I really liked. So many of my posts have been focused on anime about love, friendship, and kindness were everything was solved with magic and talking. Here I present to you the most wondrous array of ass kicking from anime. Enjoy.

8. Makoto Kikuchi VS Security Guard- IdolM@aster

This is what happens when idols get over worked XD. No but seriously. In this episode, we see a sweet idol kick butt. This may be the shortest battle scene, but its really attention grabbing seeing as how the entire series has almost no indication of violence. I really loved this because of four reasons. One: Idolm@ster is really drawn well. I loved the art style. It is nothing overly special or different, but it is really cute. Two: I liked the way the battle itself was made. There is not a lot of unrealistic feats, yet it was intense and done on a ladder above a food market. Makoto really looked cool, mostly in a suit, showing off amazing combat ability. It does not come off as a forced conflict, or as ridiculous. It is a lighthearted battle scene, and yet, one that has you at the edge of your seat hoping a young girl kicks that man’s butt.

TheBetterCup: Makoto kicks buns in this scene. I love how the fight scene is smooth, actually showing movement unlike other animes (like Dragonball Z).

7. Yata Misaki VS Fushimi Saruhiko- K Project

Not only was it difficult for me to find out what the name of this anime was (I have never seen the show. I found the battle from a gif actually), but it was also hard to get the url to work on this post. Finally it has been fixed and we can talk about the awesome. I liked this battle because Yata fights with a skateboard. He fights a swordsman using his skate board, and looks awesome while doing so. It is also surprisingly colorful, adding to the how energetic the battle is. The strange pink and blue flames that follow the fighters really draw you into their movements and not so much the overall scene. Did I also mention that this is well drawn? I loved the art style, and the way Yata moves is super cool (he is fighting with a skateboard, so his movement will be strange and different). And the way the video pans as they talk, turning upside down or shaking, keeps even the more boring parts interesting. I know I will probably look up this anime after this.

TheBetterCup: I have never heard nor seen this anime, but it definately wins points for being unique. Where else are you gonna see someone fight with a skateboard?

6. Mugen and Yatsuha VS The Tengu Crew- Samurai Champloo

I already talked about this anime in another post. Basically I mentioned there (in more detail) how I love the style and art of the battle scenes. They are very languid and smooth movements, and Mugen is an unconventional fighter, so his battles are very entertaining. I love how he mainly does kicking moves, and that girl was pretty awesome on her end too.

5. Naruto Uzumaki VS Hiruko- Naruto Shippuden Movie #3

I love Naruto, and I know for the longest time it was one of the top shonen anime (now I am not sure where it stands). Anyways, I feel like Kishimoto always out does himself during the movies. They are always drawn to perfection, with the attention to detail being higher than usual. This movie, The Will of Fire, is no exception. The fight scene at the end is mind blowing. I saw it before actually watching the movie some time ago, and I could not forget it. This is the first bad guy to be this creepy in his abilities (seriously look at his mouth). The way he moves has gotta be the best part.

TheBetterCup: Naruto is my favorite anime/manga. It has been seen the 5th grade, and it will forever be my favorite no matter what happens. This movie in particular was my favorite movie, and I cannot express how much I LOVE the fight scene. Its just so badass.

4. Kotoha Isone VS Zakuro Kurumaki- Yozakura Quartet

This one is crazy. To see a sweet, simple school girl nonchalantly fight a giant monster is amazing. On top of it all, she is constantly moving, even when she fell she rolled back into a run. And the nurse! She was so cheery about it. I loved the art style in general, it seems different somehow (not sure how though). I adored how she calmly used a huge hammer and did it with so much skill too. Over all the way she fought it, the unorthodox choice of weapons was super boss.

3. Homura VS Mami- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I also explained my love for the style of Madoka Magica in another post. I adore how colorful yet bleak it looks, and the fact that the enviorment seems twisted and skewed. The battle is also amazing in that way. It is full of motion (even when time is stopped) and the fact that they are magical girls fighting with guns as weaponry is really cool. It still has a hint of magical girl cuteness with the ribbons and decorative bullets, but over all it is extremely severe. The use of multiple weapons, the ricocheting bullets to create fireworks, and the flashes of color in very grey landscape makes the battle hold the attention well.

2. Archer Illya VS Saber Alter- Fate Kaleid Liner

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