Kimi ga Inakya Dame tte Itte- by Hatsuharu

aaaaaaaaaaaaa I read a new manga today that I felt was very interesting, and I was excited to share. It is called Kimi ga Inakya Dame tte Itte; translated into English, it means Say You Can’t Be Without Me. I saw the cover while searching the interwebs, and it really caught me eye. I know I did a post of good romance manga just recently, and this one is super new like they have yet to release the third chapter in volume one, but I like it so far. I am pretty sure this one will be in my top favorites, and I am so excited for a new chapter to come out soon. It just seems to fit in with all the other manga that I love. Let me give you me review and opinion, then you will understand.

So let me first give you a synopsis of the manga’s plot. The story focuses on Nayu and Oumi, childhood friends who are now in high school. aaaaaaaaaEver since they were young, Oumi has been a complete airhead getting into more accidents that could have killed him then one would like to mention. Anyways, Nayu is his closest friend who takes on the role of ‘guardian’ keeping him from trouble and being very motherly towards him. Now they are in high school, Nayu is sixteen years and Oumi fifteen. Nayu has never seen their relationship as any other kind then childhood friends (almost like a brother), even though others have questioned her true feelings towards him. When Oumi confesses to her that he has a crush on the school beauty, Nayu has the sudden realization that she may actually like him very much. Swallowing her feelings, she tells herself to strive for his happiness and gives advice to help. Even so, it turns out the school beauty is actually in love with and dating their art teacher. A tangle of unrequited love has unraveled, how will Nayu choose to deal with everything that has just been brought to light? Yep… this is a tricky situation.

bluI am not sure yet, since this is so new of a manga, but so far it does not rub off as extremely dramatic and annoying. Each of the plot points have unraveled quiet nicely, and the characters do not have super extreme or unrealistic reactions. I felt like the way Nayu’s feelings toward Oumi were revealed was a good example of this. She was confused at first, like a normal girl would be, she was not really sure if her feelings were sisterly or if she felt more. Then when she did decide it was more, she felt it was wrong of her (that as a friend she should be helping him), and she tried to act cheerfully (which was hard for her to do, but it manifested itself like cold symptoms almost). Anyways, I find it to be at a good pace, and the story to be pretty realistic so far. My one complaint would be about Oumi. I like that he has this innocence connected to his character, but he is a teen age boy. He knows what he maybe doing is inappropriate or not. When he pulled Nayu down and held himself above her and then followed to fall asleep on top of her like a kid (it was a quick scene and not to big of a deal), he knew better. I doubt he could not remember really, and I am even more sure that he knew that was crossing a line for just friends.

Still I love it, and I am so excited for more! You can read it too at

-Blog Barista


Here have some romance! *throws hearts in your face*

Here have some romance! *throws hearts violently in your face*

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