Satti Dal


When people ask me to describe what is like to be a twin, I always find it hard to answer. My sister is the exact same and exact opposite of me. That is a really confusing concept for others to grasp. She and I can like the exact same things even though we like different types of them. It is hard to explain with out examples. So both she and I like to read, and many of the books she enjoyed so did I. But her very favorite genre is science fiction (my least favorite), and mine is historical fiction.

The biggest difference between us, is that she seems really stoic and mature but she is a 5 year old at heart. I may seem really sweet and kid like but I hate most things childish. She likes toys, sweets, frilly dresses, stuffed animals, cute kawaii faces in anime, and stories where kids go on adventures. I, on the other hand, like a good cup of coffee, black liquorice (licorice?), pant suits, an anthropological collection of comparative mythology, those really Japanese faces (based on tradition style) in anime, and stories where a (wo)man travels or goes off to war. She likes happy stories where every thing ends well: I find a well written sad story fits better with me. She enjoys very bright colors: I like that neutral palette that has nudes, whites, grays, and black. But even though we are exact opposites, I can still promise you that many of our tastes and opinions coincide perfectly.

Now surely by this point you are asking yourself ‘why Barista is there a picture of a cute little doll up there then?’ Simple question, my friend, and with it comes a simple answer. My sister loves toys, and so she collects dolls. I am not a big fan of having toys or stuffed animals or even dolls. As a girl, it is kind of hard since in the past year only I have received like seven stuffed animals and dolls as gifts. Yet, when I saw TheBetterCup collecting dolls, I kind of wanted one or two as well (no more than that though). One day she showed me the Pullip Dolls and I just could not help but desperately want one of them. I fell in love with Dal, the 13 year old rival of Pullip. She has this pouty little face that looks so mad, I loved it. After not spending any money on myself and working really hard in school and getting good grades, I brought myself the courage to ask my parents if I could spend the money I earned at work on a Dal Doll. (I am so lame).

In Box

For about 50 bucks, I bought the Dal that had won my heart months ago. I did lots of research, but there are very few reviews on the Satti Dal. There is one video on YouTube that sucks. So I thought I could add to the sucky repertoire of Satti Dal reviews. I am not a great photographer most off my pictures were blurry, but I will update this post one day to include more pictures later.

I was not sure I wanted her to be named, but calling her Satti Dal gets annoying. Let’s call her Hermes after the Greek messenger of the gods, god of thieves and travelers, and guide to the underworld.

Satti has articulation at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck,ankles, knees, hips, waist, and her rib cage.


I loved her outfit! She has these little blue trousers with flower print. She has a cute white blouse with this nude colored corset. On top of it all is this gorgeous brown jacket that buttons at the top. Her entire outfit is detailed with lace, she even has a frilly neck piece. Over all the entire outfit really androgynous which is why I liked her to begin with. Hermes has a really pretty stock eye chips that are a silvery color. In case you do not know, Dal’s eyes move left and right but do not blink like the Pullip’s eyes.


Thank you Macy! This Doll is the Veritas!

The Satti Dal is very hard to find information on. I tried to do research, but found very little on her. At first I thought maybe none of the other dolls had clothes to go with her, but then I found this picture:
I know for a fact that this Pullip doll goes with the Satti Dal because of her hat, boots, and pirate like outfit. But I cannot find her anywhere. If anyone happens to know, please tell me in the comments down below.

I compared her to other dolls to see what clothes could maybe fit her. She has a smaller bum then than the Ever After High Dolls and a larger shoulder size, but she fits into their clothing just fine. The monster high dolls on the other hand have a more extreme difference in body shape compared to Hermes. Viperine’s dress did not close near the shoulders on Dal.

Hermes in RavenQueen's clothing

Hermes in RavenQueen’s clothing

Hermes in Viperine's clothing

Hermes in Viperine’s clothing

















I love my Hermes, but she did have a couple of problems. Her left arm keeps popping out at the elbow, and seems chipped at the upper arm. When she stands up straight, one leg does not touch the floor. The last problem was that her curls were loose on her left side and really messy.

I still cannot belive my sister some how got me into dolls. I am still against having anymore then the two that I have (I would accept having an Edward Scissorhands Taeyang). Even though I still do not love the ideas of toys, every time I see Hermes I feel really happy.

-Blog Barista




Viperine, Hermes, and mini Frollo are mine, my sister owns the rest.

Viperine, Hermes, and mini Frollo are mine, my sister owns the rest.



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