A Blog?

So, basically it is about 11:17 pm. I am a college student who has just had a week of finals, and the very last one is tomorrow. I should be studying because I have yet to do so for my biology exam, and yet here I am beginning a blog. The question I feel the need to ask myself is why. I would never have imagined starting one, even if I was to think about it yesterday I would not have guessed I would make this decisions. But here I am, procrastinating some.

I decided I would do this because a friend recommended it. That and I really need to find a hobby. I learned, being away at university, that I have few real hobbies and I don’t enjoy most recreational activities. So hopefully I will enjoy this, and maybe I will really have things to say.

I feel like I am talking to myself, but if this is read by others, thanks for visiting ^-^

-Blog Barista


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